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A summary of Ann’s life

Our booklet covers all parts of Ann’s life, covering her life before, during and after her relationship with Anne Lister.

Ann Walker free PDF booklet: here

Ann’s own words

In the archives there are letters and documents written by Ann Walker and even a volume of her diary. Ann Walker’s own diary was discovered in October 2020 by a researcher for In Search of Ann Walker.

Ann Walker’s journal find: here

A summary of what the journal tells us: here

An overview of Ann’s letters to her sister Elizabeth: here

Comparing Ann and Anne’s diaries

You can read the transcribed versions of Ann’s diary and Anne’s diary, side by side, for the same time period on our website.

Ann and Anne’s diary comparison portal: here

Meeting the relatives, friends and associates

To know Ann Walker fully, you need to know about the people who influenced her and spent time with her. This is an ongoing project and we will be adding people to it as we go along.

Ann’s aunts, uncles and cousins: here

Ann’s Associates portal: here

Busting myths about Ann

New and recent research into Ann Walker has challenged some of the myths previously held about Ann.

Ann’s return to England after the death of Anne Lister: here

Ann’s removal from Shibden Hall: here

Where was Ann after the death of Anne Lister? here

General FAQs: here

Know about Ann already? Try this fun quiz and see how much you do know!

Just for fun, our fiendish quiz will have you thinking about how much you really know about her.

Ann Walker Quiz: here

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In Search of Ann Walker is a research collaborative exploring Ann’s life in the archives and elsewhere. We hope to tell as much of her life as possible and continue her legacy.