Ann Walker Booklet

Lightcliffe Tower by Kerstin Holzgraebe


About the Booklet

The mission of In Search of Ann Walker is to bring Ann out of the shadows. During our research into Ann, we have uncovered much information about her, and we wanted somewhere for people to read a summary of this research, along with the references for where we found our information. To find out more about Ann Walker’s life, please download our free 37 page PDF below (21.2Mb), full of information about her life before, during, and after her relationship with Anne Lister. Covering:

  • Family
  • Early Life
  • Ann’s Activities
  • Loss
  • Health
  • Ann and Anne
  • Ann’s Diary
  • Last Travels
  • Post 1840
  • Legacy

This booklet will be regularly updated as we find out new information, so check back often to ensure you have the latest copy.

Due to the file’s size, It may take a few seconds to download on some devices.

NEW!! Also now available in Italian here

This booklet was written, researched and transcribed by ISAW contributors: Thanks to Steve Crabtree, Louise Godley, Diane Halford, Kerstin Holzgraebe, Caroline Maillard, Mandy Mellor, Ivana Nika, Dorjana Širola, Leila Straub, Alexa Tansley, Martin Walker, Veronika Lesnakova and Deb Woolson.

Many special thanks to Pat Esgate and Roxanne Panero.

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