Diary Comparison

Wednesday 21st January 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Breakfasted at 10 – then set off to walk to Halifax bought at Miss Hebden’s, 4 yards all but an inch of Mechline lace at 10/6 per yard – they threw off the half crown & charged me £2 – order crimson silk at Nicholson’s for my work table, bought at Whitley’s, “The Housekeeper’s guide 4/6- Shomberg’s [Schomberg’s] Elements of the British Constitution, Luxmore’s Church of England Catechism  Booth returned me 15/2. for writing paper which had been paid for twice – returning home just on bridge – met Mr. Snip who told us of Mr. Sunderland’s danger, turned back & went to the surgery to enquire after him – “answer no better attended by Doctors Moulson & Kenny – Mr. Jubb. & Mr. Lister – a little snow as we got to top of the bank – got to my drawing – Mr. Daniel Carter called about hay at Lidgate, thinking it was mine, told him, Mr. S[amuel] Washington bought the hay – & I thought he wished to dispose of it – cut open books; cut out sleeves for shift, sat with Mrs. Lister 40 minutes – – when we went to Halifax dearest left Lease (Brookes’) at Mr. Parker’s – he was out – Gin for coal pit came – Mr. Sunderland died a little before 12 oclock at night

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/37

[up at] 8 20/..
[to bed at] 11 1/2 

no kiss finish, hazyish winter’s morning – very hard frost Fahrenheit 31° in my study at 9 5/.. a.m. the water in my foot pail frozen over 1st time; and the ice so strong could not break it quite off round the edges, even with all the force I could use with my tooth brush handle – by much the coldest morning we have had this winter – breakfast at 9 20/.. off to Halifax with Adney at 11 – down the new bank to Nicholson’s – then to Whitley’s, left  Adney there while I went to Mr. Parker’s office – out – left the rough draft of Adney’s lease to Brooke of Grieves’s farm – Mr. Parker generally at home (in the office) from 9 to 12 then goes out – some time longer at Whitley’s – bought Bloxham on the Monumental Antiquities of Great Britain duodecimo published at 12/. got it for 11/. and Adney bought 1 or 2 little things – In returning met Mr. William Priestley on the bridge – he said Mr. Sunderland was so ill, gout in the stomach. Dr. Kenny had no hope whatever of his recovery – Adney and I turned back and went to inquire at the surgery – Drs. Kenny and Moulson – apothecaries Jubb and Lister in attendance saw Mr. Sunderland at 10 a.m. – great danger – home at 1 1/2 – I some time with my father and Marian – then read the first 12 pages of Bloxham – then a little while with my aunt – all of us much shocked and grieved for poor Mr. Sunderland – then the whole of the afternoon in and out – the 2 gin wheels arrived from Low moor about 3 – great piece of work to get them thro’ the approach gates by raising the gin wheels up on the waggon so as to be above the stone posts of the gates – then much work in getting the gin wheels into the new coach house – the 2 cart drivers (a man and a boy) and 2 Howarths and John, and Batty of Dove house who happened to be passing and Joseph Moore who was coming to me for the poor rate I should have paid him the other day all helped till after 4 – Moore then sat a long while in the upper kitchen – I avoided telling anything about Staups – merely said that so much as £160 per annum had not been bid – a little talk about the coal left in Staups land – said I had heard at what it was valued – Moore said £1000.  yes! said I, exactly that sum – well! but said he, could I loose it without expense yes! – then would get Wellroyde Loose loose, oh! said I, avoiding a direct answer, I have loose enough if wanted – read a few pages forward of Bloxham – dinner at 6 – coffee – near 1/2 hour with my father and Marian – then read article Gout in Hooper’s medical dictionary – and then wrote the above of today till 8 40/.. – at 9 John brought the post bag, and note from Mr. Sunderland’s with Mrs. Sunderland’s compliments (written by one of the young men) to say compliments and sorry Mr. Sunderland is no better this evening – 25 minutes with my aunt till 9 50/.. – very fine winter’s day – Fahrenheit 32° at 9 50/.. p.m. –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0150

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