Diary Comparison

Wednesday 18th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Went to order Gloves of [gap].. then gaiters, shoes of Coste, called on Miss Norcliffe & Miss Becket (sister of the Banker at Leeds) dearest called on Madame de Bourke, then we went to Madame Figuerol, to desire her to come & take our measures for dresses – had Madame Calet [Calès] in 18 Rue des Vieux Augustins, in the morning to measure for stays. Went in the evening to the Opera. La muette de Portici Ballet rather too long came away before it was over – Received letter from Mrs. Lister & two from E Atkinson forwarded from England.


Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/7

[up at] 7 55/..

[to bed at] 12 25/..

a kiss last night at twice very fine morning Fahrenheit 66° at 8 10/.. a.m. breakfast at 9 1/2 in an hour Miss Walker having had Madame Calès – annoyed at our dinner of yesterday charged 24/50 – the valet de place si mal propre, would not let him go with us – out at 11 3/4 – went 1st to the Hotel Meurice and sat above 1/2 hour with Isabella and Charlotte Norcliffe and Miss Beckett – the latter so aged and altered should not have known her – agreed about a Valet de place from Meurice’s to meet me in 1/2 hour at Amyot’s – then went to the bank “Messieurs Ferrère Laffitte 36 Rue Laffitte” – for 3 circulars nos. 4099, 4100, and 4101 value £25 each = £75 got (at 25/30) 1897 francs 50 cents – and got also my little packet of French plate sent back from the London Custom house – about 2/. carriage – left this unpaid Laffitte having received francs 300 from Madame de Bourke on my account (for Miss Ferralls journey) which I did not receive but left in Laffitte’s hands – then to Mellerio’s, Privat’s, Amyot’s and took up Francois the valet de place – then to Madame de Bourke – went to no. 51 instead of 53 and not admitted then to the de Noés – all au midi a l’île de Noé – then saw St. Sulpice church and went to Crochard’s and then to my little apartment – some time there – Letter from my aunt Shibden partly to Miss Walker and partly to me – in answer to our joint letter from London all going on pretty well – sent to inquire if the Audoins were at home – no! – then bought plan of Paris and map of Italy in the rue du Bac – called and sat 1/2 hour with Madame de Bourke – very civil and glad to see me – told me all her troubles about the Ferrals and Bourke family has quite done with Sophie – Madame de Bourke going in a day or 2 to the Eaux à Creuzot near Marseilles – she recommended Figarol no. 23bis rue de Suresne for dresses and Madame Thomas aux coin de la rue des filles St. Thomas and de la rue de Richelieu – and to buy the Étoffe chez Delille rue de Choiseul – said we should go to the grand opera at 7 1/2 this evening to see La muette de Portici – went to Madame Figarol – her dress-maker to come at 7 tomorrow evening – home at 6 1/2 – dinner at the opera at 7 1/2 just before it began – very good dancing and the whole thing beautifully got up – Miss Walker tired at 10 1/4 an hour and 1/4 before it was over – the carriage to be in waiting at 10 – not there at 10 1/4 – so came home in fiacre and back at 10 40/.. – wrote the last 6 lines of yesterday and the above of today till 12 – Miss Walker in bed by 11 1/4 – very fine day Fahrenheit 67° now at 12 tonight –

In the margin:

Miss Walker’s cousin came tonight

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0044

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