Diary Comparison

Wednesday 11th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

awoke at 7.15 attempted to get up – – very bilious went to bed again – did not breakfast till 3.15 & not finally dressed till 4.25 Of course did not set out for Dover as previously fixed. remained with dearest in house all day – finished letter to my sister – heard one to Lady Harriet & Mrs. Lawton – wrote to J. Chapman – told her – I was going to Paris, should be back by 1st August & begged she would write as soon as she could after my return – wrote a note to my Uncle Thomas telling him, how it was that I did not call upon him; cut the leaves of Sharpe’s Peerage – Mr. Freeman came to dearest dined at 8. tea at 10.15 selected 3 drawings to take with me – Bed 12.30. In bed 1.30 oclock 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/4

[up at] 1 p.m.

[to bed at] 2 20/..

Mr. Freeman called but I was in bed, and not disturbed – no kiss last night     very quiet – pretty well this morning but my head still not well – Miss Walker in bed too the whole time   rainy morning Fahrenheit 66° at 1 p.m. Miss Walker became bilious while I was getting up and lay down again sick – this kept us occupied that we did not breakfast till from 2 to 4 – then finished my letter begun yesterday 3 pages and under the seal the 2 latter pages very small to Lady Harriet – should have written sooner but harassed and from home and then waited to write from here – no chance of Copenhagen this year – may go to Italy 1st, but my northern delayed not given up – they may count upon seeing me again – and she Lady Harriet shall certainly hear my plans by common post if I have no other means, and dont think even Lady Stuart can help me long so particular is Lord Palmerston – he has written to desire the Disbrowes not to send letters by Mr. Seymour’s bag! – should have written to Countess de Blucher and Miss Ferrall, but will not put them to the expense of postage – tell her all about Lady Stuart and Vere, and the Fosters having taken a shooting place in Norfolk – very kind affectionate letter – then wrote little note to Lady Stuart of inquiries after her and saying I was much better tho’ I had found myself unable to go today – enclosed my letter to ‘the Lady Harriet de Hagemann’ under cover with my note to ‘the honourable Lady Stuart, Whitehall’ and sent off the packet about six by our valet de place and by him also note to Mr. Freeman Spring gardens to ask him to call this evening – then wrote a 1/2 sheet filled and 1 page and ends of envelope to ‘Mrs Lawton, Warren’s hotel, Regent Street’ to be left there tomorrow he not knowing of her and Miss Cholmley’s coming, but sure he shall know where they are, if they do come – tell Mariana she had better persuade Miss Cholmley to go with her to Rotterdam, take a proper servant there and then go along the Rhine etc. – but I think she, Mariana, should not attempt to come back from Schwalbach (having her uncle Robert and Louisa) by herself – glad she is with Miss Cholmley – the more she sees of her the better – bid her cheer up – she knows not what a comfort I shall be to her – very kind affectionate letter – tea at 10 – Mr. Freeman came about 11 – thinks me better tonight – will tell Lady Stuart from whom I had just had very kind affectionate note entreating to stay here 2 or 3 days quietly, that I can go well enough tomorrow – he would take nothing for the medicines, and would make no charge so gave 3/. for medicines and gave him a sovereign – and wrote a little kind 1/4 sheet note full to Lady Stuart which he took saying I should be off with his permission in the morning – should be anxious about her – and would write from Paris – till 2 tonight and at that hour had written out pages 72, 73, 74 and so far of this – Rainy day Fahrenheit now at 2 tonight 63° –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0042

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