Diary Comparison

Tuesday 9th December 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No entry today.

[up at] 8 10/..

[to bed at] 11 50/..

no kiss Damp but fine morning Fahrenheit 43 1/2 at 9 20/.. a.m. in my study – breakfast at 9 20/.. – 2 of Thomas Greenwoods men came to make out cornice at top of bookcase and alter the doors – Adney off to Cliff hill about 11 1/2 – I meant to write letters but staid siding my books till 2 – from 2 to 4 wrote two 1/2 sheets§ full to Lady Stuart saying I had been from home on one errand or another – had not seen a newspaper during my absence and her letter had waited my return – had also been a day or 2 in bed with one of the worst colds on my chest I ever had – condoled very sincerely with Lady Stuart de Rothesay on the death of her father Lord Hardwicke – very sorry to have no better account of Lady Stuart herself – should grieve for her sake if Lord Stuart de Rothesay was employed abroad, but could not help congratulating the country that the day was surely gone by when our best diplomatist should be laid on the shelf – hoped Vere was now with her – my love to her, and I feared her idleness about writing to me was becoming too habitual – Mr. Wortley (James) expected to dinner in Halifax yesterday – had not heard whether he arrived – did not make particular inquiry – had several reasons for being politically quiet just now – but Lady Stuart assumed he had my best wishes and every vote I could influence privately – our tactique improved – I was well informed to know this and that the strength of our party was increased and that Mr. Wortley’s election, I believed, might be counted upon – Adney having returned from Cliff hill before 4, went down to her at 4, and sat talking to her till 6 – dinner at 6 10/.. – coffee – played and won 2 hits at backgammon – a short while with my father and Marian before coffee – came upstairs §about 8 1/2 – having sending the Outram shawls to Lady S- [Stuart]   wrote the second sheet over again and left out all mention of them    then in 50 minutes wrote 3 pages of 1/2 sheet to Lady Stuart de Rothesay – had been from home etc. as mentioned to Lady Stuart – condoled with her very sincerely – hoped Lady Hardwicke bore up against her affliction with as much fortitude as could be expected – hoped the dear girls were well – ‘Your mind must indeed be occupied – but it is capable of exertion, and rich in its own resources’ – concluded with adieu dear Lady Stuart and believe me always very truly yours A Lister – 25 minutes with my aunt till 10 25/.. – read her my letters – then went downstairs and sat with Adney till 11 read her too my letters put my letter to ‘The honourable Lady Stuart Whitehall’, and to ‘The Laydy /Lady/ Stuart de Rothesay’ under cover to ‘The Lord Stuart de Rothesay Carlton house Terrace London’, and put the packet into the letter bag to go by George before breakfast tomorrow morning – Adney and I came upstairs at 11 – very fine day – but raining at 11 50/.. p.m.

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0122 & SH:7/ML/E/17/0123

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