Diary Comparison

Tuesday 3rd February 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No entry today.

[up at] 8 20/..

[to bed at] 12

no kiss rainy but fair at 9 windy (high wind last night and now) morning and Fahrenheit 47 1/2° at 9 35/.. – breakfast – Had Washington – Left me the plan and measurement of Yewtrees wood Quarry – 1448 yards of whole stone got exclusive of skirt posts and ruttle – Henry Pearson would not give possession of the Stump Cross Inn land yesterday – told Samuel Washington to go again about it today; and if he could not get possession, to tell Mr. Parker to try – Samuel Washington got possession of the Mytholm farm land, and settled with John Pearson for his tenant right – reading or dawdling till out with Adney from 11 35/.. to 12 35/.. – walked up along the road at the top of the wheat field to see the 11 Sycamores planted last night and this morning – then along the old road to Hipperholme Lane ends, and back by the new road and the walk – Adney went upstairs and I to my father and Marian for a few minutes then turning into the north parlour for a cooler atmosphere before going out again took up the Essays on the Church and from 12 3/4 to 3 5/.. read from page 183 to 296 end of this excellent little work – then out again went immediately into Lower brea wood and with Throp’s son and his man taking up more sycamores till 5 40/.. – came in at 6 – dinner at 6 20/..  coffee – 25 minutes with my father and Marian till 8 – then wrote the above of today – Iron Rails (58) 10 hundredweights. 0 quarters. 6 pounds from Farrar this morning – very good – very superior to those from Simpson in King Cross Lane – Farrar’s to £8.10.0 per ton – Simpsons £8 and was to have returned 5/. on 2 tons – Greenwood much better tonight – Adney had a letter from her sister tonight which required an answer – I read a little of the newspaper – then calculated interest for Adney till near 10 – then 1/4 hour with my aunt – damp small rainy disagreeable day till near one p.m. afterwards fair with high wind – wind very high and boisterous this evening and now at 10 20/.. at which hour Fahrenheit 48 1/2° – went to our room at 11 1/2 – pothering over A-‘s [Adney’s] letter to her sister – 

[In margin:]

good rails

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0158

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