Diary Comparison

Tuesday 30th December 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Sent my notes –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/0035

[up at] 9 10/..
[to bed at] 11 1/4

no kiss very fine soft sunshiny morning now at 9 55/.. and Fahrenheit 44° in my study – breakfast (upstairs) at 10 and sat talking over it till 11 then turned out rainy – then till 12 50/.. looking over bills to be paid and tidying bills etc. in my study – then a little while (a few minutes) with my aunt – better today – had had a good night – till 3 20/.. wrote 3 pages and ends to Mrs. Norcliffe – mentioned my visit to Lawton and being there 3 days Christmas  day 1 of them – ‘its last anniversary had been spent with you at Langton, a circumstance which did not escape my remembrance – I spoke of it to Mariana who seemed well enough aware of the disagreeable impression made on the minds of Charlotte and Mrs. Milne – I am thankful to find from your letter, I was right in the steady belief, that your faith could not fall away so easily – the fact is, I knew, and had long known, of your going to London – I dined in Micklegate on Thursday the 29th of May (left York on Tuesday 3 June) when Mrs. Duffin told me, you were to be off in a fortnight, or 3 weeks, I forget which; but whichever it was, my friend and I even calculated, as we drove along, that you could not possibly arrive before we should be gone – I mentioned this both to Isabella and Charlotte in Paris, and repeated it in the Minster court, surprised, at this latter time, to find the truth of my assertion deemed impossible – I am sure, you can imagine my annoyance at the moment – we are none of us faultless – but, be my own faults what they may, they are not those little-minded ones of which I have too often been accused – Ill and hurried as I was, I should have thought it no trouble to seek you in London or anywhere – to you there is not in my power any attention bespeaking grateful and affectionate regard, which I should not be delighted to pay –But enough of this – I have your good opinion; and I am satisfied – …. Poor Fisher! You will for ever feel his loss – I only wish he had some years ago recommended you to try a warmer and drier air – my aunt suffers, if possible, more and more – she begs her compliments and thanks for your so kind inquiries’ …. ‘I hear Mrs. Best is at Frankfort on the Maine, an excellent town, its climate tempered by the river, and altogether a town possessing many local advantages’ – count upon bringing in Mr. James Wortley – ‘It is above a week since I heard from London, that I am not quite au courant des affaires at this moment’ – … ‘I thought Mariana looking very fairly well – my visit was hurried, because of their own so limited stay at Lawton (till tomorrow) and of my own concerns at home’ – ‘Mr. Lawton looks as young as he did ten years ago’ – ‘I fear my aunt is not likely to have many more gleaves; and I have no thought of leaving her as she is at present – Pray can you tell me of any good architect at Leeds? …. But do not try to write – surely Isabella will do thus much for me – my love to her and you all – Ever my dear Mrs. Norcliffe very truly and affectionately yours AL-’ – and sent off this letter by John at 3 50/.. to ‘Mrs. Norcliffe, Langton hall, Malton’ and gave him £60 in notes to pay bills to the amount of £58.6.3½  – all put to my own account except £9.17.4½ sent to Adney from Walker’s – she gave me fifty pounds towards them – we were just going out when Mr. John Edwards called ‘on a little business’ as he said, ‘in consequence of a communication from Mr. Adam’ – i.e. that I would subscribe to the expense of Mr. Wortley’s election – Mr. John Edwards said he had called last week, but Adney had not heard of it – only 3 names down – Christopher Rawson Christopher Saltmarshe and John Waterhouse each for £50 and I put down ‘A Lister £50’ – It seems from Mr. Edwards’s private book that the promised votes stand as under

Divisions         Wortley           Wood              Protheroe   
South-West           101                85                    67  

South-East              95                76                    57    

North-East              62              117            104       

North-West             75                80                    52       

333              358                 280        

Mr. Edwards staid 1/4 hour or 20 minutes – Adney and I in spite of coming night went out at 4 20/.. into the walk for 50 minutes – dusky, almost dark as we returned, but mild, warm, fine growing evening – more like April than December – wrote the last 11 or 12 lines till 5 3/4 – dinner at 6 10/.. in the drawing room – Adney and I some time with my father and Marian – coffee – came upstairs about 8 – Read the paper – Letter (1 half sheet full, kind letter franked by Lord Stuart de Rothesay from Lady Stuart de Rothesay dated yesterday Tittenhanger        thanks for my letter – was before receiving it meaning to write to me – hopes I do what I can for Mr. Wortley   writes in a hurry – not a word of public affairs – It seems from tonight’s paper Lord Cowley is to succeed Lord Granville at Paris, Lord Londonderry to go to St. Petersburg, and Sir Robert Gordon back to Constantinople – all very good – with my aunt at 9 35/.. till 10 –very fine sunny morning till rain from about 11 a.m. to between 2 and 3 p.m. then fine soft warm evening Fahrenheit 51 3/4° in my study now at 10 5/.. p.m. –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0133 & SH:7/ML/E/17/0134

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