Diary Comparison

Tuesday 25th November 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Up at 7 o’clock – off at 9 ½ – forgot Cloak – C[harles] Howarth went back & met us with it thro’ the footpath – drove to Kendell’s in Leeds – saw a very nice sofa Mahogany table at £11… a nice new sort of work table Mahogany with the top sliding round on hinges & forming a table leaving the inside open completely fitted up £6..10 – A wardrobe with drawers inside as well as shelves, & 2 cupboards for hanging dresses £28. some very nice matting for covering floors under a washing stand at 6/6 per yard width from 1 ½ to 2 yards – saw some nice bed posts worked after an old pattern, & dearest found that a chimney piece worked in oak unpolished would be about 3 guineas – heard that the Railway took carriages & started for Selby at 2 o’clock – left the Time piece at Wilkinson’s, bought curtain holders & hooks at Nelson’s – drove to the Railway & found they would not be ready for taking carriages till the 25th of next month – went back to Hotel, for change of horses – saw the line of Railway to Selby in going to Tadcaster – at Black Swan York – about 4 ½ – ordered dinner a[t] 5 – had Parsons the hair dresser – several shares taken in the railway from London to York – but thought that it will be taken up by government people care little about present change of administration – called at Dr. Belcombe’s found they had a party – went to Mrs. Belcombe’s found Miss C[harlotte] Norcliff there – Mrs. Milne, Miss Price & Miss Dannett – very odd to dearest – she took some tea I not any – hoping we should come away, dearest thought it better to stay & we remained till ¼ to 10 – when the two ladies came a little round – great offence at dearest not calling on Mrs. Norcliffe whilst we were in London, tho’ in reality dearest did not know she was there. Mrs. Belcombe was knitting a worsted quilt – returned to the Black Swan – had some wine & water & went to bed -.

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/0033

[up at] 7

[to bed at] 12 10/..

no kiss fine morning Fahrenheit 43° at 8 pm – breakfast about 8 1/2 – just saw and took leave of my aunt father and Marian and Adney and I taking Eugenie inside and George and Charles Howarth outside, off at 9 39/.. in the brown carriage – at Leeds (by the Northowram road) at Kendell’s, at 12 10/.. – looking about in his furniture rooms till he sent to know the hour of departure to Selby by the railroad – a nice small sofa table (mahogany) £11 – drove to the railroad office – found they could not yet take gentlemen’s carriages – will not be prepared for them till 15th or 16th of next month – that would not do – drove to the hotel for horses and off from there at 1 29/.. (after leaving the pendule to be cleaned etc. at Wilkinson’s Briggate and doing some small shoppings at Nelson’s) – at Tadcaster at 3 17/.. – and alighted at the Black Swan York at 4 25/.. – had Mr. Parsons junior to cut and dress the hair of us both – dinner at 5 1/2 – wrote and sent note compliments to Mr. Jonathan Grey and should be glad to see him at 10 a.m tomorrow – dressed – off in a fly – called at Mr. Brown’s going and returning to tell him to come tomorrow – the Henry Belcombes had a dinner party so drove off to old Mrs. Belcombe’s – and there from 8 to 9 3/4 – had tea – Charlotte Norcliffe there – Fisher had died of old age rather suddenly yesterday aetatis 80? – Charlotte Norcliffe appeared very cool – Mrs. Milne rather so but not near so perceptibly so as Charlotte Norcliffe – Mrs. Belcombe as usual – nobody else there but Miss Eleanor Price and a Miss Dannett – It seemed Mrs. Milne and Charlotte fancied I must have known Mrs. Norcliffe arrived in London the 8th of June the very day Adney and I arrived!!! and that I did not choose to call upon her (Mrs. Norcliffe) in London!!! How absurdly untrue! I saw, however, that all I could say was in vain – Charlotte Norcliffe was come over from Croft to see Fisher and was to return there – Isabella Norcliffe to be in York on Thursday – Mrs. Norcliffe not going to Bath this winter – Adney as much surprised at Charlotte Norcliffe’s huffiness as I was – she had warm wine and water – sat talking downstairs till 11 – soft damp, thick, hazy day – could see very little as we drove along – got into bed and then rubbed her back with spirit of wine and camphor for quarter hournote in answer from Mr. Jonathan Grey that he would come – 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0113

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