Diary Comparison

Tuesday 18th November 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No diary entry today.

[up at] 8 20/..

[to bed at] 11 10/..

no kiss – had Joseph Mann with specimen of four-score-yards stone – this stratum 8 3/4 yards thick at below the bottom of which the pit is just now about 23 yards deep – then breakfast at 9 50/.. – off with Adney along the walk to the Lidgate Blacksmith’s – to the Crownest fields and left her there at 10 50/.. – she going to Crow nest and Cliff hill – found Hoyland (Mr.), on my return home – decide to try the blue room painted studwise – then settled with Dick (Richard Hanson) for sinking the well at Whiskum cottage 15 1/2 yards deep at 5/8 (down to the dirt band) = £4.1.4½  thrown away – no water as Pickels said there would be none – nor will there be any – must try some other plan – Mr. Sunderland came to see my father and aunt – both better – going on well – told Mr. Sunderland in confidence that Marian would rather not have me here if and at the time that anything should happen to my father – had just written the above of today at 12 3/4 – from then to 3 read from page 387 to 463 end of volume 2 (good and interesting as Chinese history can be?)

‘A Sketch of Chinese history ancient and modern: comprising a retrospect of the foreign intercourse and trade with China. Illustrated by a new and corrected map of the Empire. By the reverend Charles Gutzlaff, now, and for many years past, resident in that country. In 2 volumes. volume 2 London: Smith, Elder and Co., Cornhill, Booksellers to their majesties. 1834.’ volume 1 pages 436 volume 2 pages 463. octavo ‘Printed by Stewart and Co. Old Bailey. London’ – 

with Adney 1/2 hour – then out with Pickels who began this morning moving soil from Greenwood’s woodfield – then had Gledhill about the taxes to be taken off Carr’s Godley field in consideration of the 665 1/2 yards or 22 perches taken to the wood –  said I thought they should not deduct from him more than 1/4 daywork – it would be quite enough to put to the wood – then with John in the walk moving a fine large double flowering whin – came in at 5 20/.. – read the preface and 1st chapter of volume 1 Last Days of Pompeii – dined at 6 1/4 – coffee – lost two hits and won one and a gammon – Adney read partially aloud and I looked over the rest (I could not read aloud) – the 2nd chapter Last Days of Pompeii to page 64 – very fine day Fahrenheit 48 1/2° now at 10 1/4 p.m. – 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0110

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