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Tuesday 17th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Up at 15 to 6 oclock – breakfasted 20 to 8 – went to see the Manufactory of Tapestry at 20 to 10 – very interesting 64 or 5 persons constantly employed of which ten were pupils – they work only for the Royal family, the pieces are in gilt frames & so exquisitely finished it is almost impossible to distinguish them at a little distance from paintings, one of a white dog & a landscape in the background was particularly beautiful, the price 100 guineas English. off from Beauvais 15 to 10 – After first post a gent[leman] in an open carriage requested permission to pass, with a promise that he would stop, if there was only one pair of horses at the next stage – the law of France does not allow one Carriage to pass another – At St. Denis, saw the abbey in which all most of the Kings of France are interred, one of the largest royal vault in Europe; the Church was undergoing repairs, Arrived in Paris 20 to 6. drove to Meurice’s who had only a premier, then to the Hotel du Terrace, where we got a troisieme, dinner & breakfast from a Cafe – when at dinner Miss Norcliff came in, complained excessively of the heat –


Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/7

[up at] 5 55/..

[to bed at] 12 20/..

a kiss last night she could bear no more then went to my own bed fine morning Fahrenheit 64° at 6 3/4 – breakfast at 7 1/4 – made all tidy – good beds as usual in France and comfortable enough in our one room – out at 8 1/2 – bought strawberries in the market enough for all, servants too, for 1 franc/50 cents – then to the tapisserie Royale (tapisserie des Gobelins) at 9 1/4 – an hour too soon for the workmen, 64 of them including 10 élèves – work only for the royal family – but a few pieces for sale – some little flower pieces as low as 150 francs – a large piece (the largest and best, with a beautifully done white pointer dog in it, after game) 2500 francs – 3 meubles in hand – one for the prince royal – the 20 chairs and 20 fauteuils cent mille francs – they work horizontally here – perpendicularly at Paris; but the effect is the same – the poste aux chevaux between the tapisserie, and the nice-enough looking hotel d’Angleterre – ordered the horses myself in passing – the hotel d’Angleterre looks quite as good as our hotel de l’Ecu de France, and more airy – home at 9 1/2 – had been perpetually showers all the while we were out – Off from Beauvais at 10 5/.. – saw the abbey at St. Denis in 1/2 hour, undergoing a thorough repair – very fine church – will be clean and neat as possible – off from St. Denis at 4 3/4 and entered Paris by the barrière de Clichy at 5 20/.. – nothing but a 5me at Meurice’s – the Norcliffe’s and Miss Beckett still there – drove off to the hotel de la Terrace and settled au 2nde there looking sur le jardin, at 20/. per day, at 6 – out from 7 to 8 1/4 ordering gloves and shoes etc. – dinner at 8 40/.. and Isabella Norcliffe who had met Eugenie in the Place Vendôme came just as we were sitting down to dinner and staid till 10 3/4 – drank a tumblerfull of our Bea[u]ne wine without water but would eat nothing Miss Walker tired and left us tête à tête the last 1/2 hour – talked over Miss Walker – Isabella Norcliffe wondered at my choice, but did not say much when she found the thing so settled – I said she (Miss Walker) had more in her people thought and was a nice girl, as would appear more by and by – very fine day after about 11 or 12 at noon when the showers of the morning ceased – Fahrenheit 65° at 11 40/.. p.m.

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0043 & SH:7/ML/E/17/0044

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