Diary Comparison

Tuesday 10th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Breakfasted at eleven – finished letter to my Aunt W- [Walker] & continued one to my sister, soup at 2.30 oclock went shopping – Hammersley, Lund – Newgate St. Rowney & Foster, 51 Rathbone Place for sketching stool – & drawing paper – bought Sharpe’s Peerage – at 13 – 6.10 at half past off for Acre Lane – arrived there 7.15 Aunt & Uncle looking thin, she in tears first half hour – Anne at 8 York Terrace Regents Park  – with Mrs. & J. Dyson. – Delia & Charles Edwards – Mr. Egam in London all going to Ascot races on thursday. Eliza & George at school, John Henry & Frederick well – all at home much grown & much improved – Looly very beautiful Told Asked if I should go to Lidgate on my return? No – going to Shibden Hall – & Let Lidgate surprise & sorrow expressed – said I was going to Paris for a few weeks – heard Maria play – saw Anne’s drawing selected 3 – one head, flower piece of Roses &c. & one Landscape – forgot to bring them away – Left at 10 – told that it was said I was going abroad for 3 or 4 years & forsaking all my old friends – left a message for my Uncle Thomas of regret that I could not call – back at 13- at 10 to 11 – went immediately to bed, dearest returned about twelve from Whitehall.  

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/3

[up at] 9 1/4

[to bed at] 1 3/4

no kiss last night for there were specks of cousin on my chemise  that made me afraid    however put nothing on and no more came during the night     this morning at the water closet the paper I used had cousin on it   but I know not whether much will follow or not –

breakfast at 11 – Out at 12 1/4 – very neat post boy and horses and harness from Newman’s where I sent the carriage last night – with Lady Stuart de Rothesay from 12 1/2 to 2 – she had Lady Mexbro’ and Lady Caledon with her when I went in – introduced to the latter who was most civil as was also Lady Mexbro’ who shook hands with me twice – they did not stay very long – then saw over the house – saw the girls – Charlotte more beautiful than ever and seeming as unconscious of it as a child – Louisa much grown and improved – saw Miss Hyriott too – Lady Stuart de Rothesay particularly kind – said I would bring her a waggon load of things from Paris if she liked – but she told me she gave no parties, and hoped Lord Stuart would not spend all their money in foolish building at Highcliffe   he had done two things to be sent to the asylum for    that and going to Iceland     I see there is sad want of money and she is not in her splendour now –     but all kindness to me and I will behave with tact      I think I shall get on in high life and carry on with me Miss Walker  by and by   Lady Stuart de Rothesay gave me the address of the Miss Berry’s and Lady Charlotte Lindsay in Paris, and bade me call – Left my card for Miss Tate, 21 Grosvenor Place, and home about 2 1/2 – out again with Miss Walker at 2 3/4 – shopping in the city as yesterday – home at 6 – dressed – at Whitehall at 7 to dine with Lady Stuart – dinner at 7 1/4 – coffee – tea – poor dear Lady Stuart infirm, and far from well – sent for Freeman for herself and me – I consulted him and he sent me immediately some magnesia, and James’s powders, and 2 grains each calomel powders for the journey, and said I must be very careful to rest when necessary, or I might have a very severe illness – agreeable quiet evening – Lady Stuart kind and affectionate as ever – said how much I wished she would sit for her picture for me, and she made no objection – I must think what artist to choose – Lady Albinia Cumberland came in soon after 11 – home at 11 50/.. – Miss Walker had been at Acre Lane, and had evidently been made nervous by all their pumping – packing portmanteau – very fine till between 3 and 4 then a little rain – Fahrenheit 66° now at 1 1/4 tonight – found Miss Walker in bed –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0042

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