Diary Comparison

Thursday 5th February 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No entry today.

[up at] 7 3/4 

[to bed at] 11 35/..

no kiss fine morning, high wind – Fahrenheit 45 3/4° at 8 1/4 a.m. then out for a minute or 2 with Charles and James Howarth boring sleepers for the drift – should have gone to the garden planting sycamores at the top of the remain of the old Conery Lane but rain drove me in – came to my study – read 14 pages – breakfast at 9 5/.. in an hour – then being rainy windy morning sat reading (in the blue room by Adney drawing etc.) from 10 10/.. to 2 20/.. (including the 14 pages before breakfast) sat reading from page 90 to page 195 (very attentively and much interested) Wilson /Philip/ on Indigestion – went out with Adney at 2 1/2 – took shelter 10 minutes at Hardcastle’s – sat ten minutes at Cliff hill (Mrs. Ann Walker very glad but wondered to see us such a rough day) – just looked at the young trees Sykes had tied in the morning – took shelter 1/4 hour at Crownest, and got home just as it was beginning to rain again at 4 3/4 – I staid out a minute or 2 with Charles Howarth, and with Pickells and Nathan and lad (George and his cart there in the morning) till 5 1/2 – windy, rainy, wild, rough evening – rather better but not much all the morning – high wind all the day – from 5 10/.. – dinner at 6 10/.. in 35 minutes – then dessert, and coffee – then 3/4 hour with my father and Marian till 8 – then including the 4 or 5 pages read before dinner read from page 195 to 231 end of 

‘A Treatise on Indigestion and its consequences, called nervous and bilious complaints; with observations on the organic diseases in which they sometimes terminate. By A. P. W. Philip, M.D., F[ellow of the] R[oyal] S[ociety of] L[ondon] and E[dinburgh], etc. 7th edition. London: printed for Renshaw and Rush, 356 Strand, near the King’s College 1833.’ Printed by ‘Davison, Simmons, and Company Whitefriars London’ 1 volume octavo pages 231.

A very lucidly written interesting excellent work – talked 10 minutes to Adney then 20 minutes with my aunt till 10 5/.. – high boisterous wind and rain and Fahrenheit 48 1/2° now at 10 10/.. p.m. – rubbed her back twenty minutes with spirits of wine and camphor – 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0159

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