Diary Comparison

Thursday 26th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

off next morning at. [gap] for Bassout [Bassou] – Café at Bermontent [Vermenton] very tired, dined at Avallon, lay down on bed – At Avallon 3 hours – slept at Rouvray arrived 9.05, bed immediately, very comfortable – family there travelling Vetterino [vetturino] they were off at 3 –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/11

[up at] 5

[to bed at] 10 55/..

an hour with Miss Walker last night   two kisses very fine morning Fahrenheit 70° at 5 3/4 – breakfast at 6 1/2 – Off from Joigny (comfortable enough) at 7 18/.. – pleasant air in spite of the heat – At Auxerre at 9 57/.. delayed 22 minutes Miss Walker on the pot all the time Had I known I would have gone to see the cathedral (not far off) which they say is a good one – looks a large old gothic pile – Vermanton /Vermenton/ nice enough little town in a bottom – pretty viny, wooded hills all round – At Avallon goodish little town at 4 32/.. – Miss Walker had wanted café au lait at Vermanton (good looking café there) but I persuaded her to wait and dine at Avallon, the hotel de la poste (very near the poste aux chevaux) much frequented by English and praised in the livre des Étrangers – dinner to be ready in 1/2 hour took above an hour – in the mean while wrote out journal of yesterday and Miss Walker lay down – dinner at 5 40/.. she ate a large dinner and drank altogether about two tumbler[s] of vin du pays a good common red Burgundy some without water and the rest with very little I could not have drank at that rate besides two mouthfuls of Noyau at a time four times before dinner and once afterwards then on getting into the carriage again she was heated and had the fidgets was in all positions and saying how ill and tired she was Steph was right enough I shall have plague enough but I must manage as well as I can off from Avallon at 6 56/.. and at Rouvray hotel de la poste (the poste au chevaux) at 9 5/.. – Miss Walker lay down immediately – I came to my dressing room and wrote the above of today till 9 3/4 – In the livre des Etrangers à Avallon saw in Vere‘s hand writing that 17 April 1833 Mr. and Lady Vere Cameron were there ‘caution travellers against the imposition of Hotel du Parc at Châlons sur Soane’ – very fine day – very hot and dusty Fahrenheit 76° now at 9 50/.. p.m. –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0046

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