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Thursday 19th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Went to the Louvre, 20 halls of statuary. saw the celebrated statue of Diana a la Biche in Parian marble habited as a huntress holding in her left hand the bow bent down whilst with her right she seeks an arrow in the quiver suspended on her shoulder by a thong.  It seems that this statue has been in France since the reign of Henry 4th The gallery of the paintings is a quarter of a mile long, we walked to the end & back again, the only picture we had time really to stop & look at, was a Madonna, our Saviour, & St. John by Raphael.

Went to the Palais Royal [word crossed out] which is an immence [immense] court surrounded by shops of every description, one side of the court is now the residence of the Duke of Orleans, the oldest son of King Louis Phillipe, the Duke de Choiseul, Duke d’aumale, & – Duk[e] – [gap] are the titles of his sons – The King keeps the workmen constantly employed by improvements but many of his subjects complain heavily of the burdens & disadvantages of the revolution, the soldiers like him & [word crossed out] Konsequently [consequently] his throne is more secure than it otherwise would be – . Went to the Exhibition of the Arts & Products of the industry of France, there are four very large buildings containing every thing one can possibly think of, even, to Carpets made of Cats skins which were very dear, & very pretty. furniture, mirrors & Carpets, particularly elegant, but the most curious & interesting thing was a model on a large scale of the interior of a watch, made constructed for the professors of the Arts & Trades to give lectures upon, the price is 5000 francs but Mr. Perrelet (the maker) says it cost him so much time & labor, he shall lose by it – some very pretty raised worsted work – nice little foot warmers for a carriage made in a little box form of a footstool with velvet cover at top. a very nice double bottle rack in rows

[word crossed out] with two supporters 4 feet high – each row being made to lift out – heard of some curious little bellows which we did not see – ordered bonnet of Madame Thomas, nearly tempted with Cashmire shawl at de Lisle’s price £150 English – bought 2 muslin dresses & one black silk – dearest called on Miss Berry’s, they very civil, & advised her not to buy the shawl – not the mode now – went to the Champs Elysee [Élysées].


Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/7 & 8

[up at] 7 35/..

[to bed at] 11 40/..

fine morning Fahrenheit 66° at 7 3/4 – no kiss Miss Walker‘s cousin came last night breakfast at 9 – Had the restaurateur, and Perrelet fils – to have dinner today (wanting but little) for 5/. and each day afterwards a bon petit diner for our 2 selves and the servants for 10 francs – Perrelet begged me to take charge of a watch for Miss Beckett – yes! with pleasure but would not be answerable for accidents – out at 11 – sent François in with my passport and left my card for Lady Granville had the porter out to speak to him at the carriage door – said I was merely passing thro’ Paris and therefore left no address he said he would therefore put Congé on the card, and would be sure to deliver it – I think he would, and to ensure all that gave him 5/. – then drove to the Louvre – there at 11 40/.. – 40 minutes in the halls of statuary – then 1/2 hour in the gallery – just looked at la belle Jardinière (virgin and saviour and St. John) and the beggar boy by Murillo, and 1 or 2 others without stopping to strain our eyes over things of less value – then to the Palais royal – walked all round – ordered plate and 100 cards for Miss Walker chez Maurisset, and found he had still kept for me the nacre snuff box for Isabella Norcliffe with her initials he had had since I forgot it in May 1831! – then to the patisseur opposite rue Vivienne for gateaus and petits pates and 2 bottles limonade gaseuse – then bought wine au gourmand chez Corcelet – then to Delisle’s for gros de Naples etc. for dresses – Miss Walker happening to inquire about shawls, we were shewn into the shawl room – real India – Monsieur Delisle had just established a house at Bombay and they boasted how they could undersell the people in London – shewed some very handsome shawls at last seeing me much tempted by a long white one Delisle himself came – said it was worth 8000 francs but before coming away (almost an hour there) would let me have it for 3800 francs or £150 – said I would not venture to buy it without asking advice – then to Madame Thomas (rue des Filles St. Thomas) for chapeaux – then home for a few minutes and at the exposition de l’industrie Française at 4 1/4 – Monsieur Perrelet fils shewed us his own or rather his father’s things – an instrument shewing 6 six different escapements of watches 5000 francs and yet he would lose by it it had taken so much time and labour – made for the conservatoire des arts and metiers, for the professors to use in their lectures – 2 or 3 other interesting pieces of mechanism which should have been studied rather than merely glanced at – Monsieur Perrelet fils then shewed us round the salle – handsome furniture – cat-skin carpets, etc. etc. of all sorts and kinds – the exposition closed at 6 that we had not time for the 3 other salles the 4 near together at the end of the Tuileries gardens in the palace Louis 15 in temporary wood erections – Exposition lasts 2 months – to be every 5 years – quite often enough – things got spoilt, and the time given up was a serious concern to the tradespeople – home at 6 1/4 – dinner at 6 1/2 – Madame Figarol’s couturière (rue de Suresne no. 23 bis) came at 7 1/2 – out at 8 1/4 to call on Lady Charlotte Lindsay and the Miss Berrys – Lady Charlotte au spectacle – sat 3/4 hour (till 9 10/..) with the Miss Berrys – very civil and glad to see me – Miss Walker had waited in the carriage – we then went to the concert in the Champs Elysées till 10 1/4 – called on the Norcliffes at Meurice’s (out) and home at 10 35/.. – strawberries and lemonade till 11 – very fine day – Fahrenheit 69° at 11 1/4 p.m. –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0044

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