• A photo of Anne Lister's funerary hatchment which is located in Shibden Hall.
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    Ann’s Mourning of Anne

    This blog seeks to show the ways in which Ann Walker explicitly and implicitly mourned her wife after her death in 1840. She would not have been able to grieve in the way we would expect a widow to do so due to the lack of acknowledgment and acceptance of the true nature of their relationship within wider society. These facts are based on primary resources found in the archives. Anne’s Death and Ann’s Return Anne Lister died in September 1840 while travelling with Ann Walker in Kutaisi, Georgia, then part of the Russian Empire. Although it is not known exactly what Anne Lister died of, letters found by a…

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    Ann Walker’s Return to Shibden

    By Steve Crabtree, March 2020 Following the death of Anne Lister on 22nd September, 1840, Ann Walker had the arduous and unenviable job of returning to England, bereft of her wife’s confidence, experience, and support. She also had a choice to make – was Anne Lister of Shibden Hall to be buried in a foreign land, or was her body to be repatriated to England, to join her kindred in the Lister vault at Halifax Minster? The decision is well known, and was taken almost immediately after Anne’s passing. An article in the Halifax Guardian carrying news of Anne Lister’s death also states that Miss Walker would return Anne Lister’s remains…

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    August 1843: Atkinson vs Walker

    By Steve Crabtree, March 2020 Perhaps one of the most significant events in the build up to Ann Walker’s removal from Shibden is one of the least explored. At some point in the 1840’s, Ann Walker allegedly found herself indebted to a Jane Atkinson, for £77.3.00. Whatever the reason for this debt remains, at this point, unknown. It could be that Atkinson had provided some goods or services for Walker, or a rent dispute. The fact that Ann refuses to pay Jane what would have been a fairly inconsiderable sum to someone as wealthy as Walker suggests that Ann is making her stand on principle, rather than under any financial…