Diary Comparison

Sunday 8th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

left at 1.10 [gap] arrived at 26 Dover St. ½ past 6 oclock could not be taken in –  rooms bespoken by Mrs. Hawkins at 13 Albemarle St. rooms up 3 flights of stairs at the rate of 7 guineas per week – dined at seven. Veal cutlets, Green peas soup. gooseberry tart – wrote to Dumergue, appointment at 3 oclock monday.

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/3

[up at] 8 50/..
[to bed at] 1
a little kiss last night breakfast at 10 1/4 – very fine morning – read, Miss Walker clerk, part of the morning service but soon overcome with fatigue, and let her read the rest, from 11 50/.. to 12 10/.. – so exhausted, lay on the sofa till 1 – Off from Stevenage at 1 10/..Mr. and Mrs. Canning and 3 daughters (from near Langton) had slept at Grantham? and slept here last night, and were off about 10 minutes before us – at 26 Dover Street at 5 20/.. – full – apartments taken for us 13 Albemarle Street – au troisième – bad stairs lastly – goodish rooms, but dirty bedding underneath, and sorry the Hawkins’ were full – dinner (good soup well cooked veal cutlets and good gooseberry tart) wrote and sent note to ‘the honourable Lady Stuart Whitehall’ to announce my arrival – and wrote and sent note to tell ‘Mr. Hutton, 114 Park Street’ to come at 9 in the morning – tea at 10 – very fine day–

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0041

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