Diary Comparison

Sunday 24th August 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Up at 8.20 breakfast, & gaitner came with gaiters, had them to alter, Crochard with books, more Eau de Cologne, infamous charges of washerwoman, Madam Figarol [Figuerol] sent dresses, dearest wrote to Mademoiselle Ferrall & Madame de Bourke, at 3.30 went to Rue St. Victor, ordered horses, & off from Meurice’s Hotel at 5.30 – postillion at St. Denys, dissatisfied – travelled all night & till 10.30 next day – night very cold –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/31

  [up at] 8

.. [did not go to bed]

she with me in my bed half hour this morning   but quite quitely [quietly]all sorts of tradespeople – Victor could not get the address for the bellows – Perrelet came gave him back the watch with directions to give it to Miss Berry at Bellevue or inquire for her of Blondel, embassy porter – Perrelet went for the bellows – brought back the man, and I bought 2 pair – sent Victor to Lesage for the ecran à secretaire and had it packed to go on the top of the imperials – wrote a large sized 1/2 sheet full and enclosed it in envelope to ‘Mademoiselle Mademoiselle Ferrall chez la Comtesse Emilie de Blucher à Copenhague’ and sent it with 2 pages of 1/2 sheet civil note (in French) ‘Pour la retour de Madame Madame la Comtesse de Bourke, Faubourg St. Honoré , no. 53’ under cover, with a 1/4 sheet civil note of thanks to himself, to [“]Monsieur Monsieur Edouard Ferrall Faubourg St. Honoré no. 53” – Kind enough to Miss Ferrall – glad to have seen her brother – very much improved – very good looking and agreeable – knew no young man more likely to do well – hoped still to see them all again at Copenhagen – would let her know when I could more nearly fix the time – hoped not to be forgotten – should have written oftener than the once she had heard from me since my return to England but my letters not worth postage – that not the case with hers, and begged her to write – gave my address at Shibden and said that was sure to find me – should rejoice to the last moment of my life I had come home when I did – my aunt’s satisfaction, and, therefore my own, did more than repay me for a dozen such journeys – should have written to her sister at-her-elbow, but had not time – would try to leave a few lines for Lady Harriet with Lady Stuart – merely civil thanks to Madame de Bourke – not doing at the top unluckily forgot to date my note at the end – said Monsieur Ferrrall knew of no letter for me about the carriage – but I still hoped – if nothing could be done, still thanks to Madame de Bourke – a well enough written note? tho’ myself astonished at the rapidity with which the phrases poured from my pen – could not have written so quickly in English! – sent Victor off with this packet to Mr. Edward Ferrall – breakfast by snatches till 1 – Fahrenheit 66º at noon – heavy rain between 2 and 3 for above an hour – left the servants to dine, and Adney and I went in a fiacre to rue St. Victor at 3 40/.. – having forgot to leave my passport for horses, drove off to the Poste aux chevaux changed about 2 years since to rue Montblanc Faubourg Montmartre, ordered 4 horses – back at Meurice’s at 5 20/.., and paid all in the public salle à manger, (servants 2/. a day included in the bill as in Dover Street) and off from Paris at 5 35/.. just as the 4 horses I had ordered came up to the door – Victor had got horses by borrowing some gentleman’s passport! Explained to the postillions on arriving at St. Denis – they wanted 1/2 poste for themselves for waiting they said 3/4 hour, and 1/2 poste for the other postillions – gave the former – declined the latter saying I would settle it with Meurice, if, as they said, he was obliged to pay the 1/2 poste – fine till about 2 – heavy rain between 2 and 3 for above an hour – fair about 4 p.m. – fine evening and night but coldish –


Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0079

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