Diary Comparison

Sunday 18th January 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Went to Lightcliffe in afternoon – Mr. Akeroyde [Akroyd] did the duty – text Matthew 20th latter part of 21st verse – he told us he had providentially been there for some Sundays, & this was perhaps the last time he should be there, – that pride was like an under garment which people put on first & took off last – preached 42 minutes –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/36

[up at] 8 25/..
[to bed at] 11 1/4 

no kiss very fine morning – hard frost – Fahrenheit 35° at 9 20/.. a.m. in my study – breakfast at 9 25/.. in 1/2 hour – from 10 5/.. to 11 1/2 wrote 3 pages and ends to Mariana – almost fear she will begin to think me long in writing – hope poor Watson is recovered, and that she, Mariana, did not suffer from the fatigue of her journey to London but was better for it, and found Dr. Foley’s opinion of Pavey favourable and that he had no serious apprehensions for the future (from consumption to which Mariana thinks she has an hereditary claim) – Mariana’s better account of herself a great comfort to me – ‘It matters little who or what it was did the good, medicines or I, as long as the good really was done – my visit was altogether very well arranged; and, trust me, you will be more and more satisfied about it – I am quite sure Louisa would be of this opinion – now everything looks well, and everything will go well – the door is closed against every unpleasant remark; and I confidently hope, and think, we may “all live to meet in happiness” – at any rate, I shall find no fault; nor is it at all likely, you should find yourself wanting in my “good opinion to the last” – I am not a person of all promise and no performance – you have, at least, some confidence in the sincerity of my regard – and only get up your spirits, and take care of yourself, and I see nothing for any of us to fear – I may still be “the little box with a slit in it” with as much security as ever – But you will understand this better, and believe it more implicitly by and by’ – amused by her message from ‘ Master Henry Hinchcliffe’ – ‘unfortunately his year could not be my year’ – however much I should like the tour he mentioned cannot leave home – my aunt however great her suffering may continue another twelvemonth at least – very busy at home – in Mr. Lawton’s way, – carting stuff from 1 place to another – she would see we gained our point (Mr. Wortley’s election) by only one vote – but it is confidently hoped our present premier will have a very sufficient majority in the Commons, and I think the present ministry will weather out the 2 years and many more I hope – Mr. Lawton wagered a guinea with me that the present ministry would not last 2 years – …… ‘I had no especial reason for leaving out the word you allude to; on the contrary, I had more reason for putting it in, had I thought of it – give me some credit for being as steady in time to come as in time past, and believe me always my dearest Mary very especially and affectionately yours A Lister’ – 

went to my aunt to read prayers at 11 55/.. and with her till 12 3/4 – then reading the 1st  xv pages De la Beche’s Geological notes till 1 50/.. – off to Lightcliffe church at 1 55/..  – there in 25 minutes – waited 12 minutes – Mr. Akroyd did all the duty – never heard so much nonsense from any pulpit belonging to the established church of England – Mr. Akroyd preached 42 minutes from Matthew xx. latter part of verse 21 – sad, unconnected, bad English and stuff – very cold work – sadly impatient and tired – home at 4 35/.. 20 minutes with my father and Marian then wished good night and came upstairs – Adney had little John and Ann Booth as usual – wrote as follows about the newspaper – ‘Shibden hall, Sunday evening 18 January 1835 ‘Sir the Morning Herald of Friday (the 16th) did not arrive yesterday evening, as it ought to have done, and was not arrived this morning – I shall be obliged to you to send it me, as I am anxious to have the set complete – Several papers of last summer, during my absence on the continent, were not received – I am sorry to have to complain of this negligence – if it does not originate with you, I shall take care to investigate the matter at the Halifax post-office – Be so good as let me have your bill, up to the end of last year, (from 11 June); and I will give you an order on Messrs. Hammersleys for the amount. I am, sir, etc. etc. etc. A Lister’ – then at 5 3/4  put into the letter bag (to go by John this evening) the above letter to ‘Mr. Robert Walker newspaper-Vendor 2 Jones Street Berkeley square, London Post Paid’ and my letter written this morning to ‘Mrs Lawton, Claremont house, Leamington, Warwickshire’   dinner at 6 1/4 – coffee – came upstairs at 7 1/2 – sat talking 1/2 hour – then reading with Adney one of Plumpton Wilsons sermons volume 2 – then had the newspaper – with my aunt from 9 40/.. to 10 5/.. at which hour Fahrenheit 35° – very fine day – hard frost – 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0148

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