Diary Comparison

Sunday 15th February 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No entry today.

[up at] 7 40/..
[to bed at] 11 3/4

no kiss rain in the night – fine and high wind and Fahrenheit 46° now at 8 3/4 a.m.  breakfast at 8 50/.. in about 3/4 hour – then began and sat making 2 or 3 little extracts from and reading the first 64 pages and notes and appendix belonging thereto of reading Parnell on roads till after 12 – prayers at 12 20/.. in 1/2 hour – then stood in my aunt’s room 50 minutes reading yesterday’s Halifax GuardianLetter from Mr. William Briggs disclaiming the exclusive dealing system – well he may disclaim it; for the yellows are the losers – the horses come at 1 40/.. and off to church and there in 18 minutes at 2 10/.. – waited 1/2 hour! – Mr. Wilkinson did all the duty – preached 17 minutes from Joshua xxiv.15. as for me and my hous[e] we will serve the Lord – home at 4 25/.. – went into the walk for 1/2 hour and walked 1/2 hour in front of the house – I a few minutes with my father – dinner at 6 10/.. – had Charlotte Booth for 2 or 3 minutes – coffee – with my father from 8 to 9 – Just before dinner and afterwards 1/2 hour till 9 3/4 looking, Adney and I, at large plan we got today from Samuel Washington sent to his father’s – it still wants more adding – more of Adney‘s joint property in Halifax – the plan of the township of Northowram not forthcoming that we are sadly short of Upper brea estate and Stock’s estate in Northowram etc. etc. with my aunt from 9 3/4 to 10 10/.. –  Marian going off in the phaeton tonight to try to get off per mail at midnight to be at Market Weighton at 9 1/2 a.m. tomorrow – has told Mrs. Oddy to tell Cordingley about going home again if not tomorrow on Tuesday – Cordingley returned yesterday to everybody’s consternation seemingly with the intention of remaining here, a consummation not to be desired – what a winding up of 20 years service in the family! her bad and queer temper has made her getting herself away the greatest blessing that has come to the house for long – fine day – windy – Fahrenheit 46° now at 10 25/.. p.m copying French letter about the model of Switzerland till ten and three quarte[r]s

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0163

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