Diary Comparison

Sunday 11th January 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No entry today.

[up at] 8 10/..

[to bed at] 11 20/.. 

no kiss  ground deeply covered with snow – the skylight into my dressing room so covered, it was almost dark – Fahrenheit 39° at 9 1/4 a.m. in my study – wrote all but the 1st 21 lines of Friday and all but the last 4 lines of yesterday – then at 12 20/.. Adney and I read prayers to my aunt Mrs Oddy Eugenie and George – the horses did not come till 2 5/.. – 33 minutes in going yet Mr. Akroyd, who did all the duty, only beginning as we entered the gallery – preached 28 minutes from 2 Corinthians x.17. A sermon so tiresome, incoherent, and profitless that after the 1st 10 minutes I had the good fortune to doze – home in 35 minutes at 4 50/.. – very few people at church – the road deeply covered with snow, and the trees heavily laden – sleety small snow falling all the way as we went and returned, and indeed all the day – wrote the above of today till 5 40/..  wrote copy of note to Miss Berry dinner at 6 1/4 – coffee – 20 minutes with my father and Marian till 7 3/4 – some while talking to Adney then wrote the following to ‘Messrs. Parker and Adam solicitors Halifax’ ‘Shibden Hall. Monday 11 January 1835. Sir – I shall be much obliged to you to put up a few handbills advertising Northgate house to be let with, or without land, or with any part of it, the whole being 5 dayworks.2 quarters.21 perches, exclusive of curlilage /curtilage/ in front of the house, court, and what the buildings stand on, amounting to 0 dayworks.2 quarters.13 perches, which, with the buildings are valued at £85 per annum but I will take £80 – I mean to cut down the trees – Respecting the Stump Cross Inn, I wish it to be understood, that it is let as it is, with the exception, if necessary, of being put into good tenantable repair – For all new erections that may be wanted, I shall expect a percentage – you will be so good as give such explanation of the from-year-to-year lease, as you think proper – I shall reserve a power over coal-looses, and to get coal and other minerals, paying all reasonable damages, and rent of surface, after the rate of £3 per daywork of land above the house, and £4 per daywork of land below the house – the answer to be given on the dayweek after the letting – I think you had best let the tenants know, they are to pay to you the rents now due – I received the case and opinion yesterday evening, by Mr. Washington – It seems, there is not much to be done – I am sir, etc. etc. etc. A Lister’ – 25 minutes with my aunt till 10 5/.. at which hour F38 1/2° – Snowy day – (vide line 8 of today)till 10 1/2 copied the above note and left it for George to take in the morning – 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale & SH:7/ML/E/17/0142

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