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Saturday 7th February 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No diary entry today

[up at] 7 20/..

[to bed at] 12

no kiss rainy windy night and morning and Fahrenheit 43 1/2 now at 8 1/4 a.m. – the round table from Joseph Hepworth came last night – getting into the blue room and siding till breakfast at 9 in 35 minutes – then dusting books in the library – Had Washington – his valuation of fixtures etc. to be taken of Henry Pearson of the Stump Cross Inn = £56.17.0objected to nothing but 14/. worth of set-stones in or about the garden put down as a fence – the brewing pan (iron) etc. £15 odd and the cooler £3 odd – these might be too small for Mawson – but Samuel Washington says we must take them – I said it was not law (this question to be asked of Mr. Parker) Samuel Washington said it was custom – Pearson could be very awkward – could take the Licence away – yes! said I and what good would that do him – he could not sell ale anywhere else, and as Samuel Washington said we should get the licence in Mawson’s name in August – if Pearson chooses to be awkward, let him – then had Joseph Mann – proposed offering Hinscliffe 20 pair of the new Simpson-bought railing instead of the 20 pair of old rails lent me by Hinscliffe – Joseph Mann laughed and thought that would do very well – he would not refuse the exchange – then dawdling over 1 thing or other – (wrote the above of today) till 12 1/4 – Adney called me down to Mr. Parker to witness her signing Mr. Hird’s lease of Lidgate for 10 years – which I did – mentioned the case of Henry Pearson’s fixtures – custom but Mr. Parker agreed with me in thinking, not law to be obliged to take such as would not be of use to me – Mr. Parker said that he had attended the road meeting (Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday last) and they (he Messrs. Christopher and Jeremiah Rawson etc. [)] had beaten Stocks and company who wished to rescind the order not to sell the Godley road slopes – Joseph Wilkinson at the meeting (he is surveyor) annoyed that I should have got the slope opposite to his land – he himself ought to have had it to plant and not I – said I should not have upper brea if I would give £20,000 for it – Mr. Parker mentioned the correspondence between Messrs. Waterhouse and John Lea Edwards with Mr. Protheroe now figuring in the 2 Halifax newspapers – Adney finding she had not got or signed Brooke’s lease of Langley’s farm at Hipperholme, I set off after Mr. Parker – he was running part of the way at or near the top of the bank (too windy to run at the top – hard to get on at all), that he had too much start of me to be in sight till I had got to Park farm and was too late – went to Booth’s in the new bank to get 2 buttons put on my boots – back and with Pickells at 2 20/.. – then with Throp and his 3 men in Lower brea wood getting up Sycamores – the men had in the morning planted out the sycamores carted yesterday afternoon – 11 in the wheat field 4 at the Coney wood corner in the Long field and 2 in Pump field over against Dove house – home at 4 for Adney and out with her in the walk from 4 10/.. to 5 1/4 – then with Throp and his men planting large thorn (from bottom of Calf croft hedge) in Charles Howarths Pea field against the sunk wall of the walk above but almost opposite the old pit hill-stead – came in at 6 – paid Stephen Scholefield and settled with Pickells, and had a tall good looking well dressed man from Oddfellows club, bringing a note dated Stump Cross Inn to say Henry Pearson told them I would not allow of their having their meetings at the house in future – said I had never told Henry Pearson or anyone else any such thing – asked if the club was political – no! not at all – but as expressed in the note ‘the object of an Odd Fellows society is to provide for himself against the day of sickness and death and relief unto that member who thro’ want of employment might be drifted by life’s rough storm far from his native home’ – I said as the club was in no way political I had no objection – and they had better speak to Mawson, and settle with him about the matter – dinner at 6 1/2 – coffee – wrote the last 25 lines till 8 50/.. – Rough, windy, small rain driving day – 25 minutes with my aunt till 10 5/.. at which hour Fahrenheit 46 1/2° and very rainy boisterous night – high wind – 

[In margin:]

Odd fellows club

Read this evening the 1st 20 pages of Turner’s Chemistry – 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0159

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