Diary Comparison

Saturday 6th December 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No entry today.

[up at] 8 25/..

[to bed at] 11 20/..

no kiss very fine morning A- [Adney] copied my letter to Mrs. Norcliffe while I was dressing – breakfast at 9 1/2 – Washington came – I 1/4 hour with my aunt and off to Halifax (Fahrenheit 57° at 11 a.m.) at 11 40/.. down the old bank to Mr. Parker’s office to shew him the trust deed of Mrs. Ferguson’s £2000 – left him the deed for 1/2 hour while I put into the Post Office my letter to ‘Mrs. Norcliffe Langton hall Malton’ and went to Whitley’s and Greeenwoods and got the latter to promise not to go away, but stay and vote for Wortley – the latter pretty sure of being elected this time – Mr. Protheroe begins to despair – called again at Mr. Parker’s and brought home the deed – home about 1 – sat with Adney at her luncheon – then walked her out (in the walk) 3/4 hour – luckily, just gone out when Miss (Delia) Walker of Walterclough called on Adney that we escaped seeing her – all the afternoon backwards and forwards with Charles Howarth putting up again the coloured prints bought at Geneva, and siding things into the room – Mrs. Ann (sole, by herself no assistant) making up and helping Charles to lay down the drugget in blue room and on the stairs into the library and into the upper kitchen – and put up the blue room curtain this morning – A- [Adney] rather queer with me this evening because I said her four mahogany hall chairs would not look well in the blue room  her temper is certainly odd   but perhaps I shall manage it   at any rate I hope I am sure of my own temper and all its patience will probably be required – dinner at 6 1/4 coffee – played and lost 3 hits and a gammon and won one hit – then while Adney while upstairs wrote till 8 55/.. the whole of the last page and so far of this – 25 minutes with my aunt till 9 3/4 – Adney and I then came upstairs at 10 1/2 at which hour Fahrenheit 52° very fine day – 

[In margin:]

A- [Adney] cross or queer about my advising not to put her hall chairs in the blue room

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0121

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