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Saturday 21st June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Person from Madame Figuerol to try on dresses – went to Gaiter man & for three gloves – returned to Hotel, became quite overcome by the heat. Fa[h]renheit 80 – in our drawing room. finished letters to Mrs. Lister & my Aunt marked 4 Petticoats. wrote to my sister. told her all we had seen & done, that I was “delighted with it, quite well, & very happy” – Made a pair of calico drawers – dearest went to take Coffee with Lady Charlotte Lindsay & Miss Berrys – who were very civil – got some information about travelling in Greece, take all our own beds – tents &c. – in Turkey – a party of 9 men & 12 horses – making my drawers when she returned, sat up to finish them & eat strawberries –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/8

[up at] 8 20/..

[to bed at] 1 50/..

no kiss very fine morning Fahrenheit 72° at 8 20/.. a.m.

Had Madame Contant Perrelet fils and Figarol’s coutourière breakfast and eating strawberries till 11 1/4 – Out at 1 – Called at the treasury rue Mont Thabor, to ask to speak [to] Monsieur le directeur général des Douanes (about my carriage) – could not see him – must write – then called on Mrs. Heneage at 1 3/4 – François knows nothing of being a footman – went to the back door – answer Mrs. Heneage was at breakfast – so drove off – then called on Madame de Bourke – she advised me what to write to the directeur des douanes – came home – wrote to ‘Monsieur Monsieur le Directeur Général des Douanes’ not exactly what Madame de Bourke said – but improved and a pretty good note? enclosed the passe-avant I had for the carriage 3 years ago and the description of it given me the other day at Calais, and called again at the treasury and left my note and card at 3 1/4 – then bought note paper at Wallerand’s rue de la paix, and went again to Mrs. Heneage and sat with her and her 2 daughters and her son the attaché 1/2 hour – lucky he was there – explained my passport troubles – that they had said it was unnecessary to sign it at the Sardinian and Austrian Embassy, and sent it back – Mr. Heneage said he would manage all this for me, and send my letters to Lady Stuart – very civil – ditto Mrs. Heneage – paid her 57 francs on Lady Stuart’s account – home at 4 – wrote note to ‘Henry Heneage Esquire attaché to the British Embassy’ enclosing my passports and saying Eugénie’s was not yet signed by the Swiss Chargé d’affaires – Monsieur Edouard de Ferrall had called while I was out, and left kind note for me from Madame de Bourke – so hot, took off gown, and sat in dressing gown – wrote a little to my aunt in Adny’s letter – dinner at 6 1/4 – had lingère (but did not like her much) from Madame Dupont recommended by Madame Figarol, and had Madame Figarol’s couturière – Adney lay on the sofa and I sat by 1/2 asleep, till 9 – then dressed and off at 9 1/2 to Madame de Bourke – ‘Elle est couchée’ said the porter so drove off to Miss Berry’s – there at 9 3/4 and home at 12 – a Colonel Moore there who in a tour of 4 years had been all over Greece and Asia Minor and Syria – gave me some useful information – dear travelling in Turkey – about equal to travelling with 4 horses in England – 4 months in Turkey cost him £240 including some little things he bought – he had seven horses and 4 four people including himself – I should be (Miss Agnes Berry recommended taking a male friend) self, Miss Walker, male friend, lady’s maid English servant, foreign ditto and one Tartar (all armed) = 7 persons and 12 horses (i.e. 3 horses for baggage and 2 for something else); and it would be enough if I doubled his expenses in calculating for myself but at any rate £100 per month would be enough – I ought to take Leake’s Morea; Leake’s Athens (with this might go over the town without guide); Pausanias; modern traveller (by Conder) Greece and Asia minor; Gell’s Morea and continental Greece; Herodotus; Keppel – must have bedding for each person – his stretcher 6 feet 3 inches long – 3 sides and a top 6 feet 3 inches high of strong sheeting fastened up to the 4 corners of a room with 4 gimlets, or to a tree, for he never went into a house in Turkey – and the 3rd side closed by a mosquito net forming a bag outwards that he drew tight, so that he was shut in a sort of tent and no vermin did or could incommode him – his sketch resembled the one below – the 3 lines springing from the top are 3 of the cords fastened to the top of the room

A picture containing metalware, wire, chain

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he said I should manage the tour quite well – why not as well as Lady Frankland? – might go by steam from Ancona and from Corfu to Napŏli di Romanīa (Romanēēa) /Nafplio/ – women never molested in the East – a Mrs. Myers also at Miss Berry’s and 2 gentlemen and Mr Peploe who talked of Lady Gordon and Rome – had just heard from her – she is charmed with Venice, going from there direct to Munich for 3 or 4 months and will spend next winter in England – cannot let her house in London – Mr Peploe made himself very agreeable – ditto Miss Berry – she and her sister and Lady Charlotte Lindsay all very civil – hoped to see me on my return – for August and September have taken a house at Bellevue – tea with table cloth – soon after 10 and iced water and orgeat and sirop on a side table – home at 12 – Adney up – strawberries and wine till after one – Fahrenheit 76° at 1 1/2 tonight very fine, but hot.

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0045

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