Diary Comparison

Monday 9th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Breakfasted at ten. began a letter to my Aunt W[alker] measured for habit by Mr. Hutton – at 3 – to Dumergue. teeth filed & one drawn – at 5.15 went shopping, Hammersley. Barker. Rundell & Bridge for watch ring – Lund Cornhill to buy blue spectacles – 1.10 Jones for patent lights. on return Mr. Hutton came to try on habit. dined at 9 oclock, then wrote part of a letter to my sister, tea at 11 – bed at 12 –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/3

[up at] 8 1/4

[to bed at] 1

two kisses the last a good one last night  very fine morning Fahrenheit 68° in our bedroom at 8 1/4 a.m. had Hutton to measure Miss Walker for habit – breakfast at 10 – Had Ward gone back to live with Lady Stuart – she poorly or would have written – hoped to see me at 2 – Lady Stuart de Rothesay would be delighted to see me – Ward would take my note – wrote a 1/4 sheet full enough to admit folding to ask when I should call, and sent it by Ward to ‘the Lady Stuart de Rothesay, 4 Carlton Terrace – then wrote 3 pages of 1/2 sheet to Lord Hillsborough saying I was from home and only got his letter on setting off to come here – much obliged to him about the Courier Degarlieb – my aunt still living and likely to continue many months could [not] be far or long absent from home during the remainder of her life that had no hope of going north this year, but my northern tour only delayed not given up, and I should be very glad to find Degarlieb at liberty when I was ready for him – if he, Lord Hillsborough, had 5 minutes to spare should be exceedingly glad to see him – going to Paris, but should not be off till Wednesday morning – Coates and Billing sent me a dirty post boy and shabby pair of horses and harness to my own carriage – out at 2 – In passing left my note with Degarlieb’s letter in German under cover to ‘the Earl of Hillsborough, 40 Berkeley Square,’ and then drove to Whitehall – there at 2 1/2 – Lady Stuart not returned from her bath – found the dean of Windsor alone in the drawing room – soon got acquainted – talked of Copenhagen, and the de Hagemanns, etc. and got on very well – thought him very pleasant and agreeable – then came in Lady Albinia Cumberland and she and I too made each other’s acquaintance very comfortably – at last after 3 came poor dear Lady Stuart looking ill, suffering from lumbago as well as erysipelas, and much more infirm than when I saw her last – sat with her till 4 1/2 and then returned home – Miss Walker had been at Dumergue’s (42 Albemarle Street) and had her tooth taken out, and seemed very well after it – we went out at 5 1/4 – shopping – back at 8 – had Hutton to try on habit – dressed – dinner at 8 55/.. – very kind note from Lady Stuart de Rothesay begging me to go to her at 1 – the people said it did not come till just after I went out – another note this evening (also very kind one) to say there must surely have been some mistake about her note in the morning – sat down and wrote answer to go in the morning to say I would be with her soon after 12 – wrote 1 page of 1/2 sheet to Lady Harriet – tea at 11 – very fine day – Fahrenheit 66° at 12 1/2 tonight – Miss Walker wrote 2 3/4 pages and I wrote the rest and ends of letter to my aunt Shibden that went by tonight’s post giving an account of our journey and of my being unwell but saying I was quite better –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0041 & SH:7/ML/E/17/0042

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