Diary Comparison

Monday 4th August 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Bowel complaint continued all day till 2 o’clock, at 3 walked out into the town – went to Bookseller’s, a jewelers, bought nothing – at another booksellers bought a History of Grenoble & its environs, from its foundation, under the name of Cularo, to our times. by P. P. A. Pilot [J. J. A. Pilot]. went to a mineralogist’s, saw some beautiful specimens, of the different minerals of this country, mounted 6 flights of stairs, to see more minerals (saw also a plan of Elba) & a very curious lock, which no one could open unless the person recollected the way he had last turned it – had a pamphlet of the amateurs masters, & amateurs who had paintings in the Exhibition at Lyons – went to a Glove shop bought 3 pairs of dark colored Gloves – then returned to dinner & to bed at 9 – dearest had Pictures & Minerals to look at that Landlord wanted to sell –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/22

[up at] 7 20/..

[to bed at] 11 10/

..not at all with her last night – Adney not well, and had a bowel complaint this morning and lay in bed – fine morning and Fahrenheit 68° at 8 – much rain in the night – cutting toenails that not ready till eight and a half then with Adney heating up her coffee etc. etc. till after 9 – breakfast at 9 1/2 to 10 in my own room – with Adney backwards and forwards – had George to say his lesson French wrote out Tuesday 8th instant /should be ultimo/ till 12 3/4 – finished dressing – took George and Adney and I out at 1 3/4 for about an hour – she tired, and we came in – she had biscuit and brandy and water and lay on the sofa and was better – wrote out the 1st 41 lines of Wednesday 9th instant /ultimo/ till 4 3/4 – Adney and I out again at 5 10/.. went to Monsieur Fournier end of this street, i.e. “horloger, Rue Montorge près la place Grenette” – looked over his minerals – some goodish things but all in litter – mounted up to the very top of the house to see his cabinet – all mal-arrangé – then sauntered   Monsieur Fournier began mineralogy 10 years ago when aetatis 54, and seems very tolerably clever now – went into the church built by Louis 14 – dirty and plain – not handsome – home and dinner at 6 1/2 – had the master of the house up – intelligent and civil – shewed me 4 coloured views and plans of the grande chartreuse – 5 lithographes of the views to be had at Lyons  – sent me up box of minerals left many years ago by an Italian traveller who had not paid his bill – looked them all over – had been turned over often before so tickets lost and nothing left worth much    till 10 3/4 at the minerals – fine day – Fahrenheit 68° at 10 3/4 p.m. Adney in bed before 10 and asleep when I went in –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0068

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