Diary Comparison

Monday 23rd June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Up at 6.30, marked 2 pairs of thread gloves, [gap] Guêtrier 2 Place [vendome?], came to fit on gaiters, price 8 francs – , Perrelet brought watch says it will serve me well for a while, but not a very good one – mended gloves – drove to the Bank, Lafitte, Madame de Bourke & Miss Berrys – Collar. bought very dear 32 frances [francs] – another at 12 francs. dinner at 4.30 – at 8 drove to Rue St. Victor – walked thro’ Tuilleries [Tuileries] gardens – heard of letters forwarded to Geneva – drove to Palais Royal – walked there & in the Garden almost all the trees destroyed by the allies, so that the present ones are quite young timber – got Cafe au lait – home at 10.20 –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/9

[up at] 7 1/2

[to bed at] 12 5/..

a double kiss last night very fine Fahrenheit 70° at 7 3/4 breakfast at 9 to 9 3/4 – finished my letter to Lady Stuart de Rothesay of 3 1/2 pages of 1/2 sheet – wrote to ‘Monsieur Monsieur le Directeur Général des douanes’ begging him to address his letter to me under cover to Miss Berry – wrote to ‘Henry Heneage Esquire Attaché to the British embassy’ thanks and begging him to take charge of my letter to Lady Stuart – wrote to ‘Madame Madame La comtesse de Bourke Rue du faubourg St. Honoré no. 53’ sorry not to have seen her on Saturday night, and saying I should be off tomorrow (all my notes dated Sunday evening) and wrote to ‘Miss Berry au coin de l’avenue de Marigny, Champs Elysées’ to say going tomorrow – had written to the directeur to beg the letter to me to be addressed under cover to her – and hoped she would get me the curious bellows – Madame de Bourke’s servant came to inquire after me and say Madame de Bourke wished to see me today – sent back my note by him and said I would call if I could – sent François with my note to Mr. Heneage – out at 1 – left my note for the directeur general des douanes at the Treasury in passing – went to Laffittes – for circulars nos. 4097 and 4098 = £50 got 1265 francs – then to Madame de Bourke – she would do all for me with the directeur general – told me to write to him under cover to her to tell him to send the letter to her instead of Miss Berry – very kind – then went to Miss Berry to explain – out, so left my note and wrote on the back in pencil I had just seen Madame de Bourke who would be kind to manage the Carriage affair that I was glad I need not trouble Miss Berry about the letter – then home – out shopping – home again at 4 1/2 – dinner immediately – impossible to be off today – wrote and sent note (thanks) to ‘Madame Madame la comtesse de Bourke Rue du faubourg St. Honoré no. 53’ and enclosed note to Monsieur le directeur general – demande mille pardons de toute la peine que je lui donne etc. etc. but beg him to send his letter under cover to Madame de Bourke giving her address – arranging what things to leave behind – out at 8 25/.. – to rue St. Victor – several letters price 7 francs to be paid at Geneva had been forwarded yesterday to Geneva – what a pity! left the box of things – plate, gloves, some books etc. etc. – went into my cellar and brought away bottle of champagne at the Palais royal at 9 3/4 – walked round – had one 1/2 tasse café au lait and I had a strawberry ice at the café de la rotonde – home at 10 35/.. – very fine day – Fahrenheit 71° now at 11 1/4 p.m. –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0045 & 0046

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