Diary Comparison

Monday 17th November 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No diary entry today.

[up at] 9

[to bed at] 11 25/..

no kiss fine morning Fahrenheit 45 1/2° at 10 at which hour breakfast – Had Mr. Parker during breakfast – gave him instructions to let Mytholm farm by ticket on Wednesday 7 December answer to be given the following Saturday – 31 dayworks or thereabouts – Adney objected to signed /signing/ Mr. Hird’s lease till the exemption to the tenant from property tax was erased – Mr. Parker said it was customary to put this exemption in leases, and seemed not to understand the nature of the last property tax as to Landlord’s tax 10 percent to tenants ditto 7 percent on the rent – then said it would only free the tenant from the landlord’s tax – Adney said that the act of parliament would, of course, provide as before for property tax – she mentioned Mr. Pollard’s hunting in Hunger-hill farm ground – Mr. Parker said an action would lie against him – she said, if he would write an apology, she would be satisfied – but did not give hope that she would be satisfied otherwise – sat talking to Adney over my letter from Mariana (Leamington) 3 pages and ends that came this morning – in the usual style with the 2 painters who came today (1st beginning of the blue room) – with my aunt – dawdling about till 12 1/2 – then out with Adney in the walk and in front of the house 1 1/4 hour – then with Adney at her luncheon and then with the painters and Charles and James Howarth and from 4 1/2 with Mr. John Washington and Eastwood and Day who brought old ash root from Cliff hill – 2 tons weight – baddish to get down to the foot of the road wall in front of the house – gave them 2/. to drink – then loitering and dawdling about, in and out – dinner at 6 10/.. played 3 hits of which won 2 – coffee – read from page 249 to 387 volume 2 Gutzlaff – 20 minutes with my aunt till 10 10/.. – fine day – rather softish – Fahrenheit 48° now at 10 10/.. p.m. my father and Marian in the open carriage called this morning at Cliff hill and the William Priestleys the latter out – Rubbed Adney’s back 18 minutes with camphored spirit of wine

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0110

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