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Monday 16th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Up at 6.30 breakfast 15 to 9. Off at 15 to 10. Lord Yarmouth at Hotel de l’Europe – Strawberries at Poix – country very pretty about Marseille Chateau Count Monsieur de Clermont [word crossed out] Tonnerre another chateau a little further on. Chateau de Monson [Monceaux], discovered that we had lost silver fork – arrived at Beauvais – 15 to 7 – ordered dinner, walked out, thro’ the Grande Place, stopped at Confectioners, to Cathedral. The choir much admired, a number of small chapels, tomb of cardinal Fourbin [Forbin] par Coustou, restored in 1804 & three pieces of tapestry the manufacture of this town city. walked round the Court of the Bishop’s residence, who has only 10,000 francs or £400 sterling P[er] A[nnum] before revolution of Louis Phillipe he had 20,000 francs. dinner at 8.20 soup fricaseed poulet, pigeon, Peas, fricandeau, preserve biscuits & strawberries. bed at 10.20

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/6

[up at] 6 50/..

[to bed at] 10 55/..

a kiss last night at two or three trials for the bed so small almost tumbling out and afterwards went to my own bed and slept alone – fine morning tho’ thunder shower about 8 and likely for more rain Fahrenheit 66° at 8 1/2 breakfast at 8 1/2 – one small 2 bedded room but made myself dressing room – good beds and breakfast and comfortable enough – the house full – 2 or 3 English families on their way from Italy – breakfast from 8 1/2 to 9 – Off from the Hotel de l’Europe Abbeville at 9 40/.. – might sleep at Airaines, La Poste. – nice largeish church on a hill with bit of ruin close to it close to Poix /Poix-de-Picardie/ neat little town in the bottom of the valley – walked up the hill out of Poix in 13 minutes – Marseille /Marseille-en-Beauvaisis/ stands in pretty wooded valley watered by the little river Thérain – just out of the neatish little town see the largeish handsome looking château d’Achy Monsieur de Clermont Tonnerre – Achy a very small poor but picturesque village – at a little distance beyond (at 5 25/..) the good but smaller château de Monceau /Monceaux/ on the hill right belonging to Monsieur …. sounding like Dardevillèlle /d’Hardivilliers/ from the postboy’s pronunciation – at Beauvais at 6 35/.. – out 7 for 1 5/.. hour – went to the cathedral – unfinished – no nave – but the choir and transepts handsome old gothic – the monument of cardinal Forbin obiit 1714 by Costou, restored in 1804, very fine whole length sitting figure of the cardinal in his robes – then walked round the court of the Evêché – since the revolution (the last) the bishop’s revenue reduced one half that he has now only 10,000 francs a year – hardly enough to live and keep up the large pile of old building – close to the cathedral – then sauntered about looking in at the shopwindows – much better town than Abbeville – dinner at 8 5/.. – meagre, and cold – not good as at Abbeville, only 1 two-bedded room – over the kitchen and hot, but one of the 2 Lady Vere and I had – fine day tho’ a few slight showers in the afternoon – very fine evening Fahrenheit 65 1/2° now at 10 1/2 p.m. Adny just in bed at 10 1/2 at which hour I finished the above of today – 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0043

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