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Monday 16th February 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No entry today.

[up at] 7 10/..
[to bed at] 12 10/..

no kiss raining at 11 25/.. and very high wind when Marian went last night, and got off by the mail for Market Weighton – rain this morning but fair and a little sun and Fahrenheit 44° at 8 50/.. till which hour looking over Freeman’s stone-lease (Yew trees wood) and reading last night’s paper – breakfast at 8 3/4 – Had Mrs. Dewhirst 5 or 6 minutes to ask leave to cart across the land with and for their skins, and if all were not quite done, that I would allow them (the skins) to stay in the pits a week or 2 beyond the time (1 May) if necessary – gave leave about the carting but expressed my wish for Mrs. Dewhirst and her son to be off the premises by the 1st of May, and said that I did not like having skins left at all on the premises, but I would see about it – would speak to Pearson – did not wish to inconvenience anyone unnecessarily – then had Jonathan Mallinsons of Mytholm to say, his son of the Black Horse Inn, Halifax, would be glad to take Mytholm farm – did not want the buildings – would evidently have been glad to have them let off to Dewhirst – but I said Dewhirst was not respectable enough for me and I would not therefore have him at whatever rent he could offer  – mentioned my intention of building a new public house by the Lower brea road side and keeping 9 or 10 dayworks for it – Jonathan sure it would not answer – said I was willing to put this plan off, if his son and I agreed about the farm – but I must have a lease to my mind, and rent £65 per annum – well said Jonathan you must do the best you can for us – but I think my son will take the farm – Mr. Samuel Freeman and his oldest son (Hanson, ætatis 17) then came and I left Jonathan Mallinson – Samuel Freeman gave me a letter to read from his nephew in London prevising that Haigh and Aspinall etc. were selling stone in London for less than prime cost – my quarry in Upper Place land may pay if there be no competition, and is worth 6/. per yard – I said if all this was the case, and the stone worth no more, which was considerably less than I expected, I had no objection after putting the quarry up publickly to let, to leave it standing as it is and not work it at all till the stone was likely to pay better – this is not however I think what Samuel Freeman wishes – the quarry is not yet in a state fit to put up for letting – offered to leave me the accounts Debtor and Creditor but I said these might be given me on settling, and I would merely keep the summary given on a loose bit of paper 

then talked over the matter of Joseph Gill – Samuel Freeman said he had not let the baring to Boothroyde but to Walker to whom Boothroyde gave 2/6 for giving up the job – Samuel Freeman will attend at the Sessions room on Wednesday morning to prove this – much annoyed about the thing – I spoke of building at Northgate and having stones down gainly from my own quarry – Samuel Freeman said it would furnish me flags, slates, wallstones, all but door-posts, and nothing thick enough for those yet found – said I should think of favouring my own quarry by letting carts come down Whiskum road – must settle on what terms – then had the large plan down – said I would never consent to a new road from Brookfoot along the Pump side of the valley – Samuel Freeman said then he was sure the thing would not be attempted – then had Pickells in to explain about Gill – Samuel Freeman and his son went away about one – then looking at the large plan till had Mr. Bradley at 1 1/2 – Mr. Parker cannot find the Sale plan of the Northgate property – thinks Samuel Washington must have it – Room for 5 new houses – had seen Greenwood who had mentioned his having Northgate and offered Mr. Bradley 1/2 the house – that said I would be too much rent – thought and talked of accommodating Mr. Bradley for £20 per annum letting him have what was Mr. Scatcherd’s office and the present low kitchen part – would build a square in the Sheep croft, opposite Northgate house which would be a good private house if not an Inn – then the glazier came – had Mr. Bradley giving him orders about the water closet pump, lead pipe in my aunt’s closet etc. and then examining the top of the house over north chamber to see how the drop came in – then had him at the dry bridge giving orders to Pickells till about 3 when sent Pickells off to Halifax about another summons for Gill and one for Boothroyde – then left Mr. Bradley with the glaziers (2 of them) and went out to Throp and his man who had planted out the sycamores at the top of the daisy bank, and were getting up thorns at the bottom of the Hall croft – left them orders and at 4 10/.. off to Crownest – Samuel Washington’s young man thinks the sale plan of Northgate was not sent to them – then to Cliff hill to meet Adney – met her just out of the gate and returned together slowly home at about 5 3/4 – Had Pickells – a summons could not be granted – Mr. Freeman himself, as purchaser of the stone must take out a warrant against each of the 2 men Gill and Boothroyde for stealing – dinner at 6 1/2  – coffee – with my father from 7 3/4  to 8 3/4 – the room so hot, I have felt bilious and not well ever since – wrote the whole of this journal of today – then 1/4 hour with my aunt till 10 – then wrote as follows to go early in the morning to ‘Mr. Freeman, Brier Lodge, Southowram’ ‘Shibden hall – Tuesday morning 17 February 1835. Sir – I am sorry to have to inform you that, on Pickells’s application for a summons against Gill and Boothroyde, it was found, that this could not be granted; but that you must apply for a warrant against each of the 2 offenders and I shall therefore be much obliged to you to make the necessary application as soon as you can; and, if you want any assistance that my solicitors, Messrs. Parker and Adam, can afford, I beg you will be so good as apply to them, in my name – I am Sir, etc. etc. etc. A Lister’ Adney copied me the letter Mr. Samuel Freeman left with me this morning – from his nephew William Freeman – chit chat respecting the stone under-selling system in London – enclosed this letter under cover, just writing on the back ‘Mr. Freeman with Miss Lister’s best thanks’, and put this and my note in one envelope – wrote out French letter to Mr. Gaudin Genève – and had just sealed my packet to ‘Mr. Freeman Brier Lodge Southowram’ at 11 1/2  at which hour Fahrenheit 46 1/2° – fine day – 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0163 & SH:7/ML/E/17/0164

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