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Monday 12th January 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No entry today.

[up at] 8 3/4

[to bed at] 11 40/.. 

no kiss  Fahrenheit 38° at 9 35/.. a.m. rather thawing? fair but hazy – apparently more snow fell during the night – breakfast at 9 3/4 in about 3/4 hour – Mr Bradley came at 10 1/2 and staid till near 1 – would rather go home at nights; but this matter not quite settled – will come again this day-week if the weather permit working out of doors – if not, will come the 1st fine enough day afterwards – in the meanwhile, after Thursday, will get on with plan of additions to the house – much talk about them – said I had done the north room blue room and tent with great taste – but objected to the mahogany furniture in the tent room – said the north room was very striking – and admired the imitation-studding of the blue room very much – advised my not being in a hurry to let Northgate and to turn it into an Inn – I said it was my intention so to do – he said land would be wanted for it – explained about Carr’s having the Shibden lowland – explained likewise my idea of moving the Stag’s head to the new roadside – and that I had some thought of building a corn mill – he knows of no good engineer out of London – said the new Stag’s head should be done for £300 and let for £25 per annum land not included – the mill building should pay 7 or 7 1/2 percent and the fitting up (wheel, millstones etc.) 10 percent but Mr. Clay of Rastrick has built and fitted up two or 3 mills – will ask what percentage he gets – Northgate house (he should think) would be made into a good Inn for £1000 and should let for £200 per annum without including land – Did not seem much inclined for a market – thought I might as much or more of the ground in another way – the land if let off now should be worth £6 per daywork   said that was just what I had asked for it – If I buy Godley do it unconditionally – all the land may be wanted for Northgate – sat talking to Adney and sometime with my father and Marian till 1 50/.. – merely inquiring about the £100 borrowed of them on Thursday – £50 will do on Saturday and the other £50 next month but my father may be better satisfied to have the money sooner – said I had had Mr. Bradley about his plan for additions to the house, and that he thought Northgate would make a good Inn, in which case the low land would be wanted for it – and that if I bought Godley I should buy unconditionally – then had John Bottomley till 2 10/.. about the drift in his land – it will all tumble in, if not speedily walled and covered – told him to tell Joseph Mann to come and speak to me about it tomorrow for Holt never came near me about it – John Bottomley also called to say Hemingway would furnish a water trough at 7 1/2d per gallonI said he had told me 7d – I would wait till the drift was settled about –Marian came in to Adney and me at breakfast this morning with an anonymous letter 1/2 sheet directed to ‘Captain Lister, Shibden Hall’ in an envelope from Halifax directed to ‘Captain Lister Shibden Hall Halifax’ containing ‘extract from the Leeds Mercury of Saturday January 10th 1835 married’ then the paragraph (as vide last page but 1 NP /AL means the lines just after the N[ote] P[arcel] marginal mark/) – and concluding with ‘we beg to congratulate the parties on their happy connection’ – probably meant to annoy, but if so, a failure – wrote the above of today till 2 40/.. – note this morning per post from Mr. Bradley to say he would come – much dawdling in the afternoon – Dinner at 6 1/4 – coffee – 1/2 hour with my father and Marian – Just before dinner wrote 2 half sheets full to Lady Stuart – thaw began this morning – rain and thaw during the day and evening Fahrenheit 39 1/2° at 11 1/2 p.m. – 

[In margin:] 

Mr. Bradley’s observations on Northgate moving the Stag’s head and building a corn mill.

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale & SH:7/ML/E/17/0142

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