Diary Comparison

Monday 11th August 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Up at 7 – breakfasted & at ten walked to remains of Amphitheatre in garden of Deaf & Dumb asylum – then to the [word crossed out] Roman baths, which are buried in quartier des Minimes, there are five arches in a row each [bay?] a perfect square

centre one opposite staircase then walked up by Chemin de Foy – & went by Chemin des Aqueducts passed new fort that is being built, & [ink smudge] to Town again – found another shawl but not so good in place of one bought on saturday, eat cold poulet, & wine, then walked to shop could not find another, so bought a cashemire black & large border for Mrs. L- [Lister] tried at 2 other shops for satin noire, unsuccessful, back to Hotel by Place de la Cour, ordered horses & off at 4.30 dearest displeased at secret – country a little mountainous in distance, delayed at Brignais, ¾ hour in getting horses – so late that instead of fulfilling our intention of coming to St. Etienne stopped at Rive-de-Gier at Hotel St. Jacques – good supper, & bed at 10.30 good beds & clean Linen – dearest in low spirits or very grave –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/26

8 10/..

12 10/..

long good kiss last night twenty minutes with her from one and a half and she came to me for about an hour this morning lay talking – very fine morning Fahrenheit 72° at 9 a.m. – breakfast at 9 3/4 – no! at 10 – Adney and I out with our laquais de place at 11 1/4 – at the bains Romains (place des Minimes) in 20 minutes) – in the garden of the house belonging to Monsieur Bonnet – 10 6 or 7 inch steps down from the surface of the garden (potatoes here) to the door, and from the door down into the piscine 8 deep steps (10 to 12 inches? deep) – the piscine a square pierced by 3 arched passages opening every way into a wider arched passage running along or enclosing the others

the 3 smaller passages about 4 feet wide by about 7 high to the springing of the arch, and the great passage about 6 feet wide by 8 or 9 or 10 feet high to the spring of the arch – in the middle of each passage a conical opening to the top – which of course communicated with the baths above, now a potato ground – asked our valet for the ruin of the amphitheatre – he knew nothing about it – well laid down in the plan of the city, in the garden of the Sourds muets – went there – the aumonier (priest) very good naturedly shewed it us – a little way above the house – overgrown with ivy and low trees etc. but 1/2 an amphitheatre very distinctive and some of the arches which probably were the loges of the wild beasts – the ground within has been fouillée but not deep enough to find anything of value – these ruins well worth examining – much more left than we saw at Angoulême? in 1830 – saw the church of St. Just (belonging to the Convent of filles de St. Michel) that I saw yesterday and its underchurch, and its calvaire au plein air – very handsome – then at the Porte of St. Irenée wanted to turn along the chemin de l’aqueduc but got into the chemin de St. Foy and had long hot walk in vain before getting into the chemin de l’aqueduc and from that round the new fort they are building – only 3 old Roman arches entire and the long small Roman tower not round as I thought yesterday but oblong – In the crypt or old underchurch of St. Just pictures of Sainte Blondine /Blandine/ and Saint Potin /Pothin/ the 2 confined in the dungeons of the Eglise d’Ainay – home at 1 50/.. but Adney went in, and I walked round the large handsome place de Bellecour, and bought small octodecimo Lyons guide – trees on the south side of the place and cafés and journaux as in the Tuileries gardens – home again at 2 35/.. and out again with Adney (and took Eugenie) at 2 3/4 – went chez Paturle – the black embroidered satin shawl for Miss Walker of Cliff Hill had a little flaw in it – returned it – obliged to go and take something else – chose black shawl for my aunt – hunted about for another black embroidered or rather broche, satin shawl – could not get one good enough – home at 3 50/.. – off from the hotel de l’Europe, Lyons, at 4 3/4 (had just peeped in passing into the handsome neat church of St. Nizier) – at 5 40/.. detained 5 minutes in a good village – the shafts had come untied – likely to have nothing but pother with them – sent for a charron and sold them for 2/.! paid 2 for a new bolt to them at Voiron and paid 15/. for them at Calais – at Brignais at 6 – good little town 35 minutes there – they were for giving me only a pair of horses – but I would have 4 – just before 7 wind up the hill out of the vine-clad nice valley of Brignais – road lies over the hills – asleep part of the way – not inclined to talk Miss W- [Walker] fancied I said someth[ing] this morning that I did not could not get her to tell me what and this disappointed me she observed my silence but thought me not well – Too late to go farther so stopt at Rive de Gier at 9 – good supper at 10 – very fine day – very hot – Fahrenheit 71 1/2° now at 11 1/4 p.m. –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0072

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