Diary Comparison

Friday 8th August 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Up at 6 with return of bowel complaint lay down for a little while then got up & dressed – breakfasted, bought Napolean [Napoleon] drawn with a pen by an artist now at Marseilles for 35 francs – settled every thing, off at ten, with four horses – thro Bourgoin where we had to get the shafts tied up – then to Verpillière, à Saint-Laurent-des-Mûres, to Bron & Lyons. arrived 8.15 country we passed thro, very pretty from Voiron to Verpillière, an amphitheatre of mountains & river on one side & cultivated vineyards on the other. comfortable salon, & 2 sleeping apartments at Hotel de L’Europe 18 francs per Day – breakfasts 2 francs, dinners 8 francs – dinner in half hour after our arrival, then went to bed.

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/24

[up at] 7 1/4

[to bed at] 12 50/..quiet night a good deal of cousin  fine morning – Fahrenheit 67° at 8 a.m. – breakfast at 8 3/4 had our host – paid all (I made out the bill) and bought for 35/. his Napoleon fait à la plume – he said it cost him 50/. the gilt cadre being 20/. of it – off at 10 from l’hotel du cours, chez Berne, Departement de l’Isère, à Voiron – Voiron a good little flourishing town – the situation of our Inn looking upon a promenade shaded with trees very good and pretty, and this part of the town airy and handsome – fine drive – at 11 33/.. delayed 8 minutes went to a little farm house    A-‘s [Adney’s] bowels disturbed   there was neither pot nor necessary so A- [Adney] obliged to go behind the barn  kidney or French beans growing in rows rodded like peas in England, at at least 10 feet high – hemp grown about Grenoble 10 feet high – very fine drive fine rich country – have slung our shaft underneath the carriage, and had 4 horses, and 2 postillons (1st time) today – beautiful view at 12 5/.. down into the wide valley or plain of Mont Ferrat – there at 12 21/.. – nice little town – fine open, hilly, liveable country – corn and hemp, and nicely wooded – the mountains of Echelles or of Pont St. Laurent in sight (right) – at 1 8/.. in tolerably good village, turn (left) to Lyons – the Poste au chevaux at Gaz /Saint-André-le-Gaz/ merely one good house and farmstead – La Tour du Pin a nice enough little town – L’hotel Cholat looks good – very neat, clean exterior – shew passport there – Bourgoin a goodish, largish, busy town – delayed 1/4 hour rearranging the shafts under the carriage – the postboys wanted 40 sols per poste – but I said I had given up giving more than 30, and they were civil enough – with 4 horses I have determined to give only 1/50 – fine rich plain bounded by hills and just near the tow[n] a few vine-coteaux – Verpillière /La Verpillière/ shabbyish little town – St. Laurent des mûres /Saint-Laurent-de-Mure/ a long straggling village – the plain gradually increasing from Bourgoin is become very extensive at St. Laurent des mûres – corn, potatoes, trefle, hemp (not very good) etc. etc. – merely the poste and 1 or 2 more houses at our relais at Bron – lovely evening – at 7 3/4, fine view down upon Lyons – had the tower upon the hill above the cathedral almost from leaving Bron – alighted at the hotel de l’Europe at 8 1/4 – very good handsome apartment au 1er – salon and 2 chambres de maître (with 3 beds) a sort of anteroom, and servants rooms upstairs for 18/. a day – dinner 4/. a head, breakfast 2/. ditto servants at 4/. a day each, – without any bargaining – seated at our good dinner at 8 3/4 to after 10 – very comfortable – wrote the above of today till 12 10/.. very fine day – very hot – Fahrenheit 74° at 12 1/4 tonight –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0071

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