Diary Comparison

Friday 30th January 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Up ¼ to 8 – breakfasted & off to Cliff Hill – down carriage road to look at Walls – then took Sykes & his son & Mr. Washington to Bramley Lane, to get thorns & hollies, & they came with Cart to convey them away – got one thorn, & 2 hollies away by 1 oclock – [words crossed out] & took them to the well in Cliff hill field – Mr. Washington said he was going to Hunger Hill, & Sent message to Moses Barker by him, “had a letter from Mrs. Sutherland, & declined selling any coal at present” asked my Aunt to let me have a snack when she dined – met Mrs. Snip coming out of room as I went in at the door – heard about poor Mr. Sunderland’s funeral – Mr. Priestley, Mr. Musgrave, Drs. Kenny & Moulson in 1st mourning coach – Mr. Jubb, Mr. Lister, & 2 apprentices in 2nd Mrs. & Miss Sunderland & 2 sons in coach followed hearse – & the family from Coley Hall in last mourning coach – Mr. Watson at the Church, Mr. Musgrave read the service – numbers of people followed the funeral –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/40

[up at] 8 ¼

[to bed at] 11 ½

no kiss – fine but hazy morning Fahrenheit 45 1/2º at 9 and then breakfast – Off with Adney to Cliff hill at 9 50/.. – found Sykes and his son there – they had made 4 holes for as many thorns – Mr. Washington with them – he ordered his cart and we all went into Bramley lane to where he is walling for Mrs. Sutherland – going to stubb the old hedge so we got out of it one very handsome thorn and a nice root of holly – got them safe to Cliff hill and just puddled and planted when I left Adney there (to dine with her aunt) at 1 20/.. – In returning called and stood talking to Hannah Green about 3/4 hour – Aquilla thinks the Red brook water will be enough for his corn mill; but if we want the Black brook, Joseph Wilkinson will let me have the privilege that may be wanted – said there was no need of great hurry – I would think about it – but I could not build mills for 5 percent – no! said Hannah, Aquilla does not think of that – I said I was informed that machinery (millstones, etc.) were done at 10 percent and the building at 7 1/2 percent – She was at me again to know if George Robinson had had a notice to quit; but she got nothing out of me – she said he was now doing well – she had changed £60 for them this last week – if his wife would not drink so, they might do very well – George Robinson did a deal of good in the neighbourhood by employing the people; and the men said he was a very good master to work for – well! said I, I shall be very glad if he does well – I must not take his mill from him – perhaps I shall want a coal engine – If I can make one wheel grind corn and pump the water of the coal, it will be well – I will think about it – Then with Pickells and Nathan and the lad at the dry bridge – John had carted them a few stones, and was just gone to Whiskum with a hundred bricks for the centre pillar to support the rag-covers of the cistern – went to meet him then had him till after 4 carting them more stones from close by, at the great sycamore tree and fish pond – home for a moment – Charles and James sawing oak planks into 1/2 inch boards for wainscot-pannels – Off to Cliff hill again for Adney at 4 1/2 and there at 5 10/.. – we then went to Crownest – got a cotton shift which Adney gave in passing to Phebe Carter – inquired of Mrs. Washington the expense of the school at Brighouse where her 2 oldest little girls are boarded – Each costs about £12 per 1/2 year – returned by the old road all the way and home at 6 25/.. – dinner at 6 40/.. – coffee – 3/4 hour with my father and Marian till 8 1/2 – then wrote all the above of today – 20 minutes with my aunt till 10 5/.. – fine day – Fahrenheit 46º at 10 5/.. p.m.

[In margin:]

Aquilla’s mill.

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0156 & SH:7/ML/E/17/0157

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