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Friday 20th June 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Pother about passports – began letters to Mrs. Lister & my Aunt W. went again to the other three buildings of the Exposition – Rue St. Victor – Prefecture about passports – Perrelet, & furniture Print for Lady Stuart – on returning home found – a card sent by Miss Berrys for their private box at the Comedie Francoise [Française]. La jeunesse d’Henri cinq – Hotel Garni Hotel de Marie [L’Ecole des maris] – much amused but very tired, Madame Mont Mante – performed the part of the Princess admirably & in a very lady like manner. called at Meurice’s on Miss Norcliffe & Miss Beckett. promised to take charge of a watch for her –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/8

[up at] 7

[to bed at] 12 40/..

no kiss boiled water 1st time now for Miss Walker in our little portable Jones with spirit lamp – fine morning Fahrenheit 74° at 7 1/4 – breakfast at 8 1/4 – left Miss Walker at home and out at 9 – Left François with the passport at the Prefecture de la police and drove to the Jardin des plantes – called at the Audoins – not at home – Cuviers not up – left my card, and box of Jones’s promethean light with mille compliments to Madame Cuvier begging her acceptance of it – then to Monsieur Desfontaines – died about 2 months after I saw him in July last – quite sensible to the last – quoted Virgil to Monsieur Jussieu fils 1/2 hour before his death – wished he could be insensible if only 3 hours, before his death – the gardener and his wife glad to see me – he still kept his place and they lived in Desfontaines’s house now taken by Monsieur de Mirbal Monsieur Brongniart fils has succeeded Monsieur Desfontaines – sent to ask if he was at home – called for 5 minutes and made his acquaintance and left box of lights for his father with mille compliments and remerciemen[t]s for his letter to Comte Vargas de Bédémar at Copenhagen and little work box for Madame Audoin with compliments and regrets at not seeing her etc. – then came François and said I must go to the prefecture – went – difficulty about Eugénie – must send two respectable householders to the commissary police of the quartier I was in to give her a certificate to enable her to get a passport granted by the French authorities as a French subject – home at 11 sent to Amyot the bookseller, and he helped me out – great pother – wrote to “His Excellency Earl Granville British Embassy” to ask him to give me another passport for George Joseph Booth – Isabella Norcliffe came and sat with us above an hour and drunk a tumbler and half of sheer vin de Penas strong Spanish wine – Lord Granville sent me back my own passport and one for George – Out again at 2 – back to the prefecture to identify Miss Walker and Eugenie and George and get all the passports done – sent mine and George’s to the Swiss Chargé d’affaires and Eugenie’s to the French foreign office and went to the Exposition for 3/4 hour and saw the other 3 salles – great machinery and all sorts of cloth etc. etc. not so interesting as the salle we saw 1st – then to my little apartment rue St. Victor – paid the rent 320/. up to 15 May 1835 and paid the porter her annual 20/. and paid the taxe personnelle, the 1st time I have ever done it? – then to Chevalier’s rue St. Denis (good shop for furniture prints and the like) and got things for Lady Stuart – called at Perrelet’s to give him back his ticket for the Exposition, and saw things at Madame Contants, and home at 6 1/2 – found very civil note from Miss Berry enclosing her billet ‘par ordre du roi’ for one of the royal loges at the Comédie Française (Théatre Français Palais royal) no.11, 2nde galerie – box for 4 but only holding 3 comfortably – there at 8 1/2 – the 1st piece ‘L’hotel Garni’ just over – much interested in ‘La Jeunesse de Henri 4’ a quip upon his poverty and scrapes this and his wildness gets him into – the people seemed to enjoy it – very well filled house considering the heat – Madame Mante did Clara (my lady) very well – Miss Walker tired – asleep between the pieces lying along the bottom of the box – so did not stay till the end of ‘L’Ecole des maris’ but came away at 10 1/4 – called and sat 1/2 [hour] with the Norcliffes, to take leave – they are to go at 9 a.m. tomorrow – gave Isabella Norcliffe the nacre snuff box I bought for her but inadvertently left at the engraver’s (Maurisset’s) 3 years ago – home at 11 – very fine very hot day – Fahrenheit 74° at 12 1/2 tonight –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale, SH:7/ML/E/17/0044 & 0045

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