Diary Comparison

Friday 19th December 1834

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Received Sacrament with Mrs. Lister dearest Miss Marian – Oddy & George – from Mr. Musgrave at 3 oclock went to Cliff Hill & heard the hunters had been over ground at Crow nest & Cliff Hill –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/0035

[up at] 9 5/..

[to bed at] 11 3/4

no kiss  up an hour before but went to bed again  saw Marian the last thing last night had told Mr. Abbott she had nothing to expect from here  he merely said she might not want it    but she says they are not engaged, tho’ she having made a proposal (I suppose she means about her estate) could not now in honour be off – odd enough for one side to be bound and not the other – finish (fine) morning Fahrenheit 44 1/2° at 9 3/4 at which hours breakfast – Throp came at 10 and staid till after 11 – had him in to the breakfast room while we breakfasted – Long talk about the election – he has no vote – but had said, he would not vote against me – It seems some of our blues are violent enough and let themselves down by sitting drinking at public houses till 1 in the morning – but it does not seem that Mr. Wortley himself, as Marian said last night, has ever been of these parties himself – Mr. Baldry seems the ‘short tempered’ one of our party – Throp said I talked very fairly and reasonably, and had shewed him in a way he did not think of before that the 90 non-promisers had better make up their minds as this might save turmoil and a contest by shewing who was weakest and ought to retire – he thinks Wortley and Wood will come in – spoke handsomely of Mr. James Norris and Mr. Rawson – he brought a scarlet arbutus which John planted in front of the house – examined the carriage wheels, and sent Matthew (George having to stay at home and receive the sacrament) to Jonas Ward the blacksmith to come and look at them, and say if he could put the tire on afresh by Monday or tomorrow night – wrote the above of today till 12 1/4 – Mr. Musgrave came about an hour afterwards – and staid about 3/4 hour – being in a hurry – gave the sacrament in the drawing room to my aunt and Adney and Marian and myself and Oddy and George in about 1/4 hour or 20 minutes – my aunt remained and dined downstairs with Adney while she got her luncheon, and did not go back to her room till near 3 – Jonas Ward came about 2 – took off the 2 hind wheels of Adney’s carriage – promised to let me have them by 9 a.m. on Monday and John took them immediately in the cart to Ward’s shop at Lidgate – Adney and I off at 3 1/4 to Cliff hill – met several of the hunt – on getting to Cliff hill found they had killed a hare almost under the windows – the horses footmarks upon the grass close to the sunk wall at this end – great deal of rabble had followed and been in the land and many horsemen – Adney much annoyed – Binns has 3/. a rood for the walling but Washington said the tops were to be put on with lime – went to Crownest (Adney having to leave the receipt for making 90 buns) and saw Washington – said he had the offer of a good tenant for Grieves’s farm – son to James Scholefield of Southowram, a cardmaker – doing well, and likely to bring some trade into the village but would not take boarders – home at 5 1/4 – dressed – dinner at 6 1/4 – Adney and I some time with my father and Marian – coffee – read from page 41 to 147 volume 2 Sismondi on the literature of the South of Europe – sat talking about π [Mariana] A- [Adney] lowish at the thought of my leaving her on Monday – 25 minutes with my aunt till 10 10/.. then wrote the last 14 lines till 10 1/2 – very fine soft day Fahrenheit 45° now at 10 1/2 p.m. –      

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0125 & SH:7/ML/E/17/0126

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