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Friday 13th February 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

No entry today.

[up at] 7 10/..
[to bed at] 11 5/..

no kiss rainy morning and Fahrenheit 42° at 8 5/.. tho’ it had been fine before – breakfast at 8 1/4 – then read from page 73 to 97 Philip on Indigestion – then moved my papers from the bureau drawers in the little dining room to the drawers (Marian let me have in exchange) in the Low kitchen chamber – then some while talking to Marian – then with Adney and a minute or 2 with my aunt till 12 1/4 – the rain prevented my going out immediately after breakfast – Joseph Gill (whom Pickells went after yesterday) called to speak to me about 10 a.m. but declined seeing him – had Throp’s son for a minute or 2 about whether the sycamores were right set out at the top of the bank – Out at 12 25/.., or rather Marian called me to consult me about her journey to Market Weighton about Mrs. Inman who it seems is now quite insane again   and Sarah was miserable the last Holidays at home   but Mr. Inman cannot live long and then all may be right told Marian she had best console Sarah as well as she could   and let things quietly take their course  In talking and in one way or other all the morning frittered away – Out at 1 1/2 – the gardeners (Throp junior and 1 man) had planted the 5 more sycamores at the top of of the bank – met Pickells – the magistrates could not grant him a summons for the people on horseback who passed thro’ Whiskum bar on Wednesday without paying their penny a piece – it was a case at Common law – met Holt going to the drift – will come after dinner on Wednesday – sure I can stop the Spiggs colliery without hurting Walker-pit – out with Adney at 2 – down the old bank to Halifax – we went to Leylands to inquire about completing Adney‘s set of Lodges’s /Lodge’s/ portraits – then left Adney at Whitley’s while I went to Mr. Parker’s office – saw him on the subject of the hunters – desired him to consult with Mr. Adams, and do what was best against the people who passed thro’ the bar without paying – to write to each whom Pickells’s wife could swear to, viz. Mr. Jeremiah Dyson, John Clark the huntsman, – Dawson of Haley hill, John Peel the butcher, and Mr. John Carr, Innkeeper, to say an action would be commenced against them if they did not pay the bar and the expense of Mr Parker’s letter – then read sentence from Mrs. Sutherland’s last letter to Adney respecting Patterson’s bond – he not prepared to pay it off – mentioned Adney’s intention to have a division of the property, and pushing it forward, and hope of completing it in 6 months – and meaning to employ some law man at a distance for fear of being thought to be favoured by Mr. Parker – Samuel Washington now busy about the valuation – Mr. Parker strongly for Adney‘s getting the business done at home or there would be great expense and trouble in sending the deeds to a stranger – It might be done (the law part) for £150 – thought Patterson’s bond had better stand over and be taken by whomsoever got the Bailey hall estate – would divide the Halifax property – But not Golcar – liked the plan of dividing partially according to contiguity to the entailed estates and partially by lot – thought the division would be for the welfare of both sides – 40 minutes with Mr. Parker then rejoined Adney at Whitley’s – went to Miss Hebden’s about mechlin lace to know if some Adney lately bought there was really mechlin – yes! bought by Miss Hebden in Paris for such – returned up the new bank home at 4 20/.. left Adney in the house and from 4 1/2 to 5 55/.. out with John Booth and Pickells setting out 4 more sycamores in John Oates’s field and 8 at the top of George Robinson’s daisy bank – changed my dress – dinner at 6 20/.. – coffee – came upstairs at 8 5/.. and wrote all but the 1st 7 lines of today – Note from Mr. Bradley to say he will be here at 10 a.m. tomorrow – Marian’s young friend here so wished my father good night on our coming in from Halifax – got the first 18 fasciculi of Quain’s anatomy from Booth’s this morning – read the 1st fasciculus this evening then 1/2 hour with my aunt till 10 10/.. at which hour Fahrenheit 46 1/2°. damp day – highish wind towards night and wind more or less all the day –  then in 25 minutes wrote 2 pages to Mariana dated Saturday morning – anxious about herself and poor Percy – taken with her account of Exeter and King’s Weston – her excursionizing admirable – Adney much pleased with her (Mariana’s) perspective will return the book with many thanks in 2 or 3 weeks – thanks to good Mrs. Duff for the excellent short bread she put into my carriage on leaving Lawton – hope Martha has gone on well – ‘I write with considerable pain from a tight bandage and compress on my right wrist which I badly sprained about 10 days ago, and was told I must not expect anything like a cure under a month – How are you yourself? I shall be very anxious for good tidings. Ever very affectionately and especially yours AL’   had just written so far at 9 40/.. p.m. – 20 minutes with my aunt till 10, at which hour Fahrenheit 45° – Driving rain in the morning and haze and small rain from about 4 1/2 for the rest of the afternoon and evening – pretty fair while Adney and I were out –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0162 & SH:7/ML/E/17/0163

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