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    Milnes, Stansfelds and Briggs – Unitarians

    by Paul L Dawson Ann Walker, a woman whose life is now coming to the fore, and out of the shadows of her notable spouse. She became related through her wider family, into the leading Dissenting families and communities of the West Riding, as it was at the time. These families of Briggs, Stansfelds and Milnes, were known to Anne Lister through familial branches in Halifax. It is hard to say if Ann Walker ever met any of the Milnes, Stansfelds or Briggs, but she perhaps would have found a kindred spirit in the long-lived matriarch of the family, Mary Anne Milnes nee Bell, a forthright woman of character, passion…

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    Politics in Gentleman Jack Season 2, Episode 5

    By Bethany Drysdale For many American viewers watching episode 5, the subject of 1830s British politics might seem a bit overwhelming. It helps to understand what was happening within the political culture of the United Kingdom and how it compares to our own system in the United States. I will attempt to sort out some of the bigger ideas presented in the episode and explain them in their real life context. It is important to consider the time in which Anne Lister lived and worked. She was progressive in some ideas, but very conservative in others. This leads us, as viewers, to see a different perspective of her in the…

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    Ann Walker’s Coat of Arms – A Quest for Social Standing?

    By Lynn Shouls 25 February 2022 In 1832, when Ann Walker made a chance reacquaintance with neighbouring landowner Anne Lister, she was a single woman of considerable means. By that time, Anne had mingled with the aristocracy for several years, but had come to realise that she could not aspire to the riches or the status necessary to be fully accepted into their world (Whitbread 2020, 301). She decided that Ann Walker could fulfil her desires and financial aspirations, and began to court her that year. On Easter Sunday in March 1834, Ann and Anne took communion together in church to solemnise their commitment to one another.  In 1842, Ann…