Ann’s associates

Ann’s Friends, Associates and Family

The contributors to In Search of Ann Walker are researching Ann’s associates from her journal and Anne Lister’s diaries. Here you can find brief overviews and biographies about these individuals.

Click on the bolder names below to find out more. Check back regularly for updates as more information is discovered

Friends / Associates

Lydia Fenton (née Wilkinson) by Deb Woolson (updated 3/7/2023)

John Snaith Rymer – by Ashleigh Kobevko (updated 2/5/2021)

Delia Rawson by Deb Woolson (updated 18/5/2021)

Delia Priestley Edwards – by Caroline Maillard (updated 18/5/2021)

Samuel Washington – By Deb Woolson (updated 11/9/2021)

Catherine Rawson – By Ivana Nika (updated 30/9/2021)

John Rawson – By Bri Praslicka – (updated 4/3/2022)

Robert Parker – By Deb Woolson (updated 16/2/2023)

Hannah Heap – By Erin Quilliam, Vicki Clark and Catriona Findlay (updated 16/2/2023)

Eliza Ainsworth (née Bentley) – By Deb Woolson


Ann Walker Stansfeld (née Sutherland) Niece – By Deb Woolson (updated 6/7/2023)

Ann’s Aunts, Uncles and Cousins – By Martin Walker

John Walker (Brother) – By Deb Woolson, Martin Walker and Caroline Maillard (updated 22/5/2022)

(Aunt) Ann Walker – By Deb Woolson (updated 2/3/2024)

William Walker (Uncle) – By Ashleigh Kobevko and Deb Woolson (updated 18/3/2022)

Frances Esther Penfold (Walker) – By Caroline Maillard (updated 23/6/2022)

Mary Sutherland (Niece) – by Catriona Findlay

George Sackville Sutherland (Nephew) – By Erin Quilliam

John Walker Sutherland (Nephew) – By Erin Quilliam

Elizabeth Mackay Sutherland (Niece) – By Catriona Findlay

(Aunt) Mary Walker – By Deb Woolson and Diane Halford (2/3/2024)

Elizabeth Sutherland (nee Walker) – coming soon

Mary Edwards Walker (mother) – check back soon

George Mackay Sutherland – check back soon

Evan Charles Sutherland (Walker) – check back soon

John Walker (father) – check back soon