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Wednesday 18th February 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Mr. Adam came about Hinscliffe & Slick Lease – Chew brought it for me to read – gave me account of accusation against Mr. C. Brandling German House so called from the Moravians from Germany settling living there, before they settled at Wike – Mr. Carter 62 years of age his father lived at German house – Walked to Cliff hill Washington bought Lot of ground at the sale at Bongate at ½ per yard 1140 yards Mr. Overend died without will, but as soon as his eldest son returned from New south Wales he signed over all to Chew, & two other persons, for the benefit of the family.

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/0040

[up at] 8
[to bed at] 11 1/2 

no kiss very heavy shower at 7 – damp but fair at 8 Fahrenheit 44° at 8 50/.. a.m. out at 9 for 1/2 hour with Throp and his man getting up thorns in hedge between Pearson Ing and coalpit field 3 of them planted this afternoon in the coal pit field and one in the Lower brook Ing near the gate into my walk – and with Charles Howarth ordering about trestles for the drift-sinkers to run upon with their stuff to the Allen car side of the dry bridge – breakfast at 9 1/2 – then out again with Throp till came in at 11 1/4 – Adney had Mr. Adam to look over Hinscliffe’s lease of the Newhouse coal that the holder of it Mr. Chew was to have brought at 11 but as he was not come at 12 so Mr. Adam went away and I returned to Throp – called back again in about 1/2 hour to Mr. Adam and Mr. Samuel Freeman the latter come in answer to my note of yesterday – very civil – would do as I liked; but, were the case his own, he would drop it – Pickells so drunk when he went for the summons, David Mallinson would not grant it – a man of such character would not be attended to – said Pickells had come to me in the afternoon of the day (Monday) and I certainly did not perceive that he was drunk nor did Mr. Bradley perceive who had to give him orders about some walling – However, I was satisfied to take Mr. Freeman’s advice – In fact, I had nothing to do with that part of the wood of which I had sold the 3500 yards stone to Mr. Freeman and should be glad enough to wash my hands of the business – I saw I had been wrong to send the summons in the 1st instance – very ready to own this – and very glad to leave Mr. Freeman to do whatever he thought best – he offered to try to make the men come and make an apology to me – no! said let them do it to you, and leave you to settle it with me – all which Mr. Adam approved – Mr. Freeman begged I would not tell Pickells what he, Mr. Freeman, had said – I promised I would not – but smiled and said he shewed a white feather – Freeman said I did not know what it was to have people to deal with as he had – a word at a public house might do nobody knew what mischief – he had lost £5,000 by the union (turn out of the delvers) and I did not know what a spirit was abroad in the country – Everybody was afraid of a man like Pickells – I said as for that I would make no mischief but Pickells was the only man who could keep trespassers off the estate – it was only the hunters who had hitherto beat us; and Messrs. Parker and Adam knew there was no law against hunters – Mr. Adam said the law was certainly deficient in that case – Freeman was surprised but of course gave way – stayed about 1/2 hour till 2 – had wine – I said he might be assured that from this time I would have nothing further to do with that part of the wood containing the stone sold to him, till such time as he had given up all claim to any right in it – that whatever people said he might be sure I would give no further orders about it – the fact is, as I think to myself that, be it as it may, the fellow Gill has cut down a part of the wood, however small, and taken away the stuff in spite of me, who can get nothing for it, and of Freeman who ought to pay me the value of the stuff however small that sum may be – But no matter – I shall learn in time – never sell stone again unless by the measured and set out plot containing so many yards or thereabouts; and when I put to let the Upper Place quarry, if Freeman be the bidder I choose to take let him not have one square yard till he has given up all right and title to Yew trees wood – Let Samuel Washington immediately measure and stake off the portion sold to Samuel Freeman and let me know what I now have left to myself – off with Adney to Cliff hill at 3 1/4 – there  from 4 5/.. to 4 35/.. Mrs. Carter there – Mrs. Ann Walker very civil – home at 5 20/.. then with Throp and his man 1/4 hour – and then had Jonathan Mallinson and his son – the latter will take the Mytholm farm but thought the rent rather too great – well then, said I, I will lessen it by reserving the buildings and Ing they stand in – and take Samuel Washington’s valuation for the rest or thereabouts for I had to the total valuation added about 20/. odd to make up £65 per annum – they thought he had got up in his valuation – I said that made no difference – I cared little what he valued at, for I valued for myself and had made up my mind before giving him any order to value the farm – some mention made of Dewhirst – said he was not respectable enough for me as he was at present; and I would not let him the place (without land) if he would give me £100 a year for it – tho’ if he had married and become a respectable family man, he should have had the place and I would have done anything I could for him – his mother had not behaved well in putting in no ticket at the public letting and I would not take her as tenant – Had had Pickells about wanting throughs for Staups wall before going to Cliff hill with Adney and Joseph Mann about how I intended hereafter to work the coal – dinner at 6 3/4 – coffee – Left Adney with my father and came and wrote the above of today and had longish talk to Oddy about Eugenie till 9 3/4 –1/4 hour with my aunt till 10 10/.. – very fine day Fahrenheit 45° at 10 25/.. p.m. 

Mr. Jubb came about 1 1/2 and rebound up my wrist – all the lump of escaped synovial fluid absorbed – 

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0165

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