Diary Comparison

Thursday 29th January 1835

Ann Walker’s Entry

Anne Lister’s Entry

Up at 8 ¼  down at 8 ½ – & made breakfast. Walked to the drift for dearest read Sismondi – at 11 dearest came for me & we walked together in Trough o bolland wood looking for poor Mr. Sunderland’s funeral, the procession passed down Godley ¼ to 12 – 6 bearers, 4 mourning coaches – 2 mutes, hearse, 4 Phaetons & Mr. Priestley’s carriage along Lower Brea Road to Hipperholme & Coley – came at ¼  to 1. went to Mrs. Lister for a few minutes, had luncheon when Mr. Bradley got his dinner – wrote out accounts & cut out sleeves for dearest shifts – sent George to Cliff Hill about Sykes – at 5 ½ went to Mrs. Lister for ½ hour – gloves for Mr. & Mrs. Lister & myself, came with Mrs. Sunderland’s compliments – steps into dining room passage put up – Bradley said pipe into water closet should have been of cast lead, instead of which it is [run?] – no good workmen in Halifax now, work done by contract so low – & if better came they would not stay. dinner 6 ½ – dearest wrote to Brown (tax gatherer) & the Herald Newspaper office – letter from my sister – explanation about Eastwood – vexed about blue flag –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/39 & WYC:1525/7/1/5/1/40

[up at] 7 3/4

[to bed at] 11 1/2

no kiss – very fine morning Fahrenheit 43º at 8 40/.. at which hour went out till 9 1/2 – with Charles Howarth making steps up to water closet, and with John digging up thorns at the bottom of the Calf croft – breakfast at 9 1/2 in 1/2 hour – then with Pickels and his brother and a young man or lad at the drybridge – Came in at 10 55/.. for Adney – she wished to see the procession of poor Mr. Sunderland’s funeral pass at 11 – walked in the Trough of Bolland wood from that hour to 12 1/4 before it got to the Stump – then watched it passing above 1/4 hour – 6 bearers on foot then 2 mourning coaches – then 2 mutes and the he[a]rse – 2 more mourning coaches – 2 phaetons or double gigs – then Mr. William Priestley’s carriage with 2 posthorses and a scarlet jacketed postilion – then 2 more phaetons or double gigs closed the procession – Mr. Bradley had been come an hour before we got to him at the drybridge – Adney staid a little with us, and then went in – Mr. Bradley and I went in at 1 1/4, and he dined as before on the servants dinner joint – Adney came down and took her luncheon at the same time – I then took Mr. Bradley out again about 2 – set out the walling off of the is-to-be flower garden – looked over and partially fixed upon the paddock for a kitchen garden – then went into the hanging hey field and stood viewing the house and talking over alterations – I should like a gallery to the East about 60 feet x 25 feet and cellared underneath – the groined vaulting of which cellar would cost about £500 – Told Mr. Bradley to think of setting out the whole of the Northgate property for building purposes – mentioned having promised it to Greenwood at £100 a year the whole or any part of it to be given up whenever I wanted it – He (Bradley) said it was well worth that – Bradley went away about 3 1/2 – to come again on Saturday afternoon – then a little while with Adney – then out at the drybridge and talking to Joseph Mann till came in at 6 – Joseph Mann would have me loose the coal at Mytholm – could do it without loosing anybody else – the rails Hinscliffe got me are from Simpson in King Cross Lane, not from Farrer – not good metal said Pickells, and not straight – Joseph Mann said they were not good – said very well! then to ask tonight how many more were ready and say I would take one ton instead of two tons – not quite satisfied with what I had got – to see if Farrer had any ready – to give £8.10.0 per ton – dinner at 6 1/4 – between meat and pudding wrote as follows and sent by John about 7 to ‘Mr. W. Brown, Surveyor of taxes, Walton, near Wakefield, Postage Paid’  ‘Shibden hall. Thursday 29 January 1835. Sir – In answer to your letter of the 27th instant received yesterday, I beg to inform you, that I have neither gamekeeper nor pointer dog – a man of the name of Joseph Pickells, is a tenant of mine, and does a great deal of work for me, partially by day’s wages, and partially by job; but he is not my hired servant – I am, sir, etc. etc. etc. A Lister’ – and wrote and sent also to ‘Mr. Robert Walker, 2 Jones Street, Berkeley Square, London, Postage Paid’ ‘Shibden hall. Thursday 29 January 1835. Sir – I send you the following order upon Messrs. Hammersley for £8.19.3 being in full for the Morning Herald from 1 February to 31 December 1834, inclusive’ –

                            Shibden hall. Thursday 29 January 1835

Gentlemen – I shall be much obliged to you to pay to Mr. Robert Walker, newspaper vender, on order, the sum of eight pounds, and nineteen shillings, and three pence – I am gentlemen your obedient servant A Lister’ – after coffee had Mark Town for 1/2 hour – promised him a gate, to make up the gap into the little field and to let him and John Bottomley have a watering pond at the top of Whiskum road – but would give him no promise of building, not even a cow shed – He asked if I had made up my mind not to let him have the Mytholm farm – I answered yes! I had – some time with my father and Marian till 8 3/4 – then wrote the journal of today – 25 minutes with my aunt till 10 1/4 at which hour Fahrenheit 47º – very fine day –

Courtesy of West Yorkshire Archive Service, Calderdale SH:7/ML/E/17/0156

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