Ann Walker in the Diaries Project

Ann Walker in the Diaries is a collaborative project that will find and log all the references to Ann Walker, her extended family and her residences mentioned in the diaries of Anne Lister. The project launched on 13th September 2020. There are currently over 25 contributors who are involved in writing transcriptions, finding entries already transcribed, doing administrative tasks and entering data. The project is coordinated by In Search Of Ann Walker. If you are interested in joining the project – there are many different kinds of roles – please contact us at

How will Ann Walker in the Diaries Project work?

Phase 1 of the project is recruiting contributors and setting up systems for the entry of data

Phase 2 of the project is beginning to enter the data from the Diaries, this is a long term ongoing phase.

Phase 3 of the project is developing innovative ways to display and search the database and continuing to enter data from the Diaries.

Phase 4 of the project is the completion of an accessible public database that can be used by all those who want to learn more or research Ann Walker.

Who is involved?

This project would not be possible without the contributors who give their time and energy to bringing Ann Walker out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

Name Blog/Social Media
Sophie CostonTwitter: @Rundle_Walker
Louise Godley
Alex LeeTwitter: @aalex__
Steph GallawayTwitter: @skgway
Kerstin HTwitter: @A_While_Since
Leila Straub
Hayley BuppTwitter/IG: @hayleybupp
Mandy MellorTwitter: @mellor824
Ivana NikaTwitter: @Ivana_Nika
Frankie Raia IG: @gentlemanjackthelass
Sam Spikings
Emmy Clarke
Martyna Nowak
Diane HalfordTwitter: @SearchingForAnn
Alexa TansleyTwitter: @SearchingForAnn
Heather McClain
Dorjana ŠirolaTwitter: @d_sirola
Tiffany AprilTwitter: @tesplendente
Iona TytlerTwitter: @ionatytler_
Chloe NacciTwitter: @chloenacho
Noelle Blick
YlvaTwitter: @NilsonYlva
Helen ChildersTwitter: @HelenChilders10
PascaleTwitter: @PascM76
Deb WoolsonTwitter: @AcrossThePond88
Charlotte Emily CrawshawTwitter: @ce_crawshaw
Jessica Payne Twitter: @jessicampayne
Ari George Twitter: @LikeRather
Karen TrilloBlog:

Contributor Section

Here you will find the forms and any online paperwork you will need for data entry

Date Entry form for 1806-1831

Data Entry form for 1832-1840

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